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New feature: Discuss the topics using new Issues feature and collaborate better

over 3 years ago

Sometimes you have things to discuss or report, what if something is not working, who would you notify? Use the Issues now to keep track of Topic related discussions.

You can start the discussion going within a Topic detail under Issues tab. Let us know in the issues what you think by commenting, lets start the discussion! :)

Available to all plans.

See the Issues feature in action

Inline Manual Team

New feature: Export to HTML - screenshots included

over 3 years ago

We made a promise to make creation of documentation for web apps as easy as possible. Enjoy the export option to HTML which you can then print, export to PDF or publish online, packed together with automatically created screenshots.

With a single click, you can let our system to visit your site, just as any other user would do, take screenshots of steps elements and then create an HTML document for you to download. This document you can then style, print, or export to PDF and hand-over to your client as part of project deliverables. You can as well take the HTML and publish it on your website, so it can be indexed by google and more people will be then able to find your documentation.

And what if you update your application? You just re-run the HTML export and it will create screenshots for you again with updated design! Simple as that.

Available to all paid plans.

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Inline Manual Team

Save time. Automated testing for tutorials is here

over 3 years ago

Make sure all your tutorials are working with automated tests that are one click away.

Saving our clients time is our number one priority, and many hours are spent on manual testing for every user role whether the updated tutorials are still working.

This new feature "Testing Suite" allows you to run limited amount of tests against your site. It also allows you to test with different user roles, just enter user credentials in the test options and it will automatically login.

The Testing Suite feature is quite hungry for server resources, therefore it is available only to paid plans, but you can still upgrade and try it in our one month free trial!

Start testing and save time

Inline Manual Team

Introducing Organizations

over 3 years ago

A simple way to manage group-owned documentation.

Create an organization for your client and manage their sites or manage it all under your organization account and invite your colleagues to collaborate.

After you sign in, you can see on dashboard a list of organizations you are member of. There you can simply create a new organization or visit the organization profile page.

Add team members who will have read/write access to documentation. Any new topic added to the organization profile will be instantly accessible by them. No need to drill down into topic permissions and set permissions individually.

If you are handling the documentation over to your client, you can create an organization for them, through which they can then manage all the topics themselves. We are preparing special pricing plans for these cases. Get in touch if you want to know more.

Manage Your Organizations

Inline Manual Team

The state of the end-user documentation for web applications survey

almost 4 years ago

The survey seeks your views on how organizations are handling end-user documentation. Tell us about your problems you are facing and what would be the ideal solution. The results will be published.

What is this survey about?

Before the work began on Inline Manual, we conducted over 25 interviews using Skype. All that we wanted is to talk about our problems with end-user documentation and validate whether companies are facing the same issues as we do. We think it will be quite interesting to gather even more data publicly and publish the results.

How long will it take?

Filling out the survey will take no longer than 5 minutes and not all questions are compulsory.

Who should fill in the survey?

Anyone who is dealing with end-users and building web applications (websites are applications too).

How will my responses be used?

Results will be used to inform the public. These results will further contribute to initiatives and decision making in building a better solution for handing end-user documentation. Individual responses are confidential and cannot be identified through the survey.

For more information:
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us by email at

Take our survey!

Inline Manual Team

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