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Making on-boarding and in-app support easier

almost 3 years ago

With the latest addition of launching specific topics via link or javascript API, we are introducing an option to hide or show topics within the widget end-users see. You can also choose an option to show only context matching topics.

Hidden topics

Hide topics from your users. This way you can create topics that nobody else can see within the player widget, but they are still available within the player for manual play via a link or javaScript API.

This enables you to create specific topics for specific customers or a topic covering your product's new features, that you can trigger via a link in your newsletter.

Read more about this feature on oursupport portal.

Contextual topics filtering

If you want to display only topics that matches context URL (and hide the rest of the non-relevant topics), you can do so in advanced settings of the player. This will make it possible for your users to see only topics required to know when visiting a specific page.

Read more about this feature on oursupport portal.

Update on analytics

We are in the beta stage and looking for early adopters/testers. If you want to implement analytics, please do let us know via twitter or support channel.

Inline Manual Team

Send your client a link from any support channel, which will launch a tutorial

almost 3 years ago

Your client is lost, they need your help. Usually if they contact you through current support channels, you will send them a link to knowledge base, you will try to explain where the button is they should click and then guide them through the rest of the workflow.

Now you can send them a link, which when they visit, will trigger play of the tutorial you specified. It can even start on a step of your choice.

Add these links to your knowledge base sections, let your agents paste them into chat, twitter, facebook, support ticket and wherever you need to guide your users. Even within your application and even within the steps of tutorials you created with Inline Manual.

The link parameters areimTopicandimStep. - this will launch tutorial with ID 123 - this will launch tutorial with ID 123 on 5th step
You can obtain the IDs from the site detail page, where the tutorials are listed.

Another way how to trigger tutorials is to use the javascript API. By simply calling function from your application, it allows you to launch any tutorial based on your conditions.

Alongside this functionality we have released new versions of all the three components, player, authoring tool and portal. Various fixes and enhancements were introduced (player fixes, authoring tool - move from one side to another, ability to create centered bubble and some more additions to make your experience better).

While the development is focused on statistics, we are putting together Inline Manual for Inline Manual, which will help you explore and learn our product faster.

Read complete how to on our support portal

Inline Manual Team

New release: so many updates, it can't fit into one post

almost 3 years ago

From outside, it might have seemed like we have been quiet, but we were working really hard to bring you cutting edge functionalities. Almost everything changed in our codebase, but it was worth it! Over the upcoming weeks we will bring you more details about product changes we have done. Here are the three major ones, that we believe you will certainly like.

Embeddable player

Introducing third way how you can implement Inline Manual Player on your site. This one is the easiest, it can't get any easier really. Just copy and paste one line of code to your application. Several 3rd party applications already allow to add additional javascript file, so why not to try Inline Manual there.

Whenever you change topics or site content, the player content will be automatically updated. Don't miss out the TEST mode switch, which allows you to add the player to your site, without anyone else seeing it. Once you are ready, switch the button to go LIVE.

Customizing player

We have simplified the way you can brand Inline Manual Player. Just visit the "Site settings" and go to "Player settings". You can change almost every colour in the player. We will be extending this further in the future, adding new features to the player, different pointer styles, and even more control over the visual representation. It is all in your hands now. And player themes are coming!

Lightweight brand new player - no more jQuery dependency

We went completely nuts while optimizing the player to make it perform as best as it can. And we are thrilled that our player does not require you to have any other javaScipt library on your site - no more conflicts! It should just work™ out of the box. With this change you can practically embed the player almost everywhere! We are also pushing the boundaries here and using SVG for rendering, not 100% yet, but we are working on it. This will allow you to overcome limitations of CSS with shapes of the popovers.

Further notable improvements that we will cover in upcoming posts

  • Rich-text content for popovers (incl. videos (youtube, vimeo,...) and images)
  • Authoring tool UI re-design
  • Portal UI redesign
  • Portal performance improvements
  • Portal organizations and users profile pages improvements
  • Easier subscription handling
  • Consolidated API
  • We have a new logo!

Looking forward when you will show us, where have you implemented the brand new player. :)

Our next focus is bringing you statistics, community tools and further improving all our services.

Inline Manual Team

Customer support through social network done right

over 3 years ago

In May, we were at the Zendesk's conference "The Art of Customer Satisfaction". One of the sessions was a panel, where they discussed why letting support agents be themselves is a good thing.

Many companies are trying out Facebook or Twitter as their main support channel (eg. 37signals), Argos - UK online shop - made a great response to one of the unhappy customers "Badman" on Twitter in March, which went viral with over 9.5k retweets.

The response from support staff at Argos, which quite likely would not pass most of the companies support guidelines.

And of course Immy "BADMAN" Bugti, the customer, seemed to be more than happy with the response he got.

Give room to your agents - "unleash the beast".

Inline Manual Team

Enhanced export for better static documentation and testing

over 3 years ago

Keeping your knowledge base up to date might be a tremendous task. And outdated documentation is worse than no documentation. With our latest release we are extending features of export and testing functionality, where you can enter real values and simulate the users behaviour.

Whilst export and testing features are still in Beta, we continue extending them to fit all your needs. You can now use real values, like as the user would have been filling them in, and test it against your web application or create screenshots having the value within the fields.

Authoring tool has been extended to allow you to add three more specific values, such as testing path - where the step should be, in case there is a dynamic content, testing element - if the element is an input, select, etc... And lastly test value, which allows you to prefill the value of the input field, select box, and so on.

This allows you to let our system create content on your behalf, while running export utility or testing, so it won't hang up on missing values in the content.

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