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Customer support through social network done right

about 3 years ago

In May, we were at the Zendesk's conference "The Art of Customer Satisfaction". One of the sessions was a panel, where they discussed why letting support agents be themselves is a good thing.

Many companies are trying out Facebook or Twitter as their main support channel (eg. 37signals), Argos - UK online shop - made a great response to one of the unhappy customers "Badman" on Twitter in March, which went viral with over 9.5k retweets.

The response from support staff at Argos, which quite likely would not pass most of the companies support guidelines.

And of course Immy "BADMAN" Bugti, the customer, seemed to be more than happy with the response he got.

Give room to your agents - "unleash the beast".

Inline Manual Team

Enhanced export for better static documentation and testing

about 3 years ago

Keeping your knowledge base up to date might be a tremendous task. And outdated documentation is worse than no documentation. With our latest release we are extending features of export and testing functionality, where you can enter real values and simulate the users behaviour.

Whilst export and testing features are still in Beta, we continue extending them to fit all your needs. You can now use real values, like as the user would have been filling them in, and test it against your web application or create screenshots having the value within the fields.

Authoring tool has been extended to allow you to add three more specific values, such as testing path - where the step should be, in case there is a dynamic content, testing element - if the element is an input, select, etc... And lastly test value, which allows you to prefill the value of the input field, select box, and so on.

This allows you to let our system create content on your behalf, while running export utility or testing, so it won't hang up on missing values in the content.

Learn how InlineManual can be used and how it can solve your daily problems around documentation, user onboarding and support for end users of your website or application.

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New features: more triggers to make your tutorials really interactive and more

over 3 years ago

With todays release we are introducing four new interactions with which you can push your tutorials to the next level. It is like sitting next to your client.

New triggers

  • Type - advance to next step when user starts typing (eg. in a form)
  • Hover - advance to next step when user hovers over an element
  • Focus - advance to next step when user clicks into an input field of a form
  • Blur - advance to next step when user leaves an input field

These new triggers work well together with step delay, where you can postpone the display of the next step. Altogether with Click and Next triggers you can follow your users as they are really interacting with your application. It is almost like sitting next to them.

Authoring tool gets a live preview

Additionally the authoring tool allows you to live preview your tutorial. It embeds the player into the site you are creating, so it is exactly like the end result.

New plan for agencies and theirs clients

We are introducing a "Handover plan". This plan is suitable for everyone who are on a Standard plan and are creating a documentation for theirs clients site. It is now possible to move a site under clients account, where the client can manage it, be billed, etc... for $100/year (billed annually).

The more we work on improving InlineManual, the more we are excited about how it helps your users to be more efficient, how it gets you out of a trouble and how it allows you to have more time for other things than taking screenshots or answering support phones. Thank you for being with us and trusting us!

Also do check out our upcoming webinar to learn more about InlineManual.

Marek - Founder
Inline Manual Team

Webinar recording - Getting started with Inline Manual - 9.4.2014

over 3 years ago

Recording of our April webinar.

Inline Manual Team

InlineManual to acquire Microsoft's Office assistant Clippy

over 3 years ago

I’m excited to announce that we’ve agreed to acquire Clippy, the Microsoft's office assistant.

Our mission is to create the best user experience for websites and applications by providing interactive inline tutorials. We are committed to hire the best and Clippy, who pioneered computer inline help (dated back to 1997) will help us with improving our services.

Microsoft removed Clippy from Office on April 11, 2001. Clippy wrote a post about this titled "My name is Clippy, and Office XP has me sweating (and rusting)". Lisa Gurry, a Microsoft product manager, said that "Office XP is so easy to use that Clippy is no longer necessary, or useful.". She claimed that new simplicity and ease-of-use improvements really made Clippy obsolete. It is believed that since removal of Clippy, Microsoft Office suite lost thousands of users.

Clippy was quite devastated back then, he had even started his own campaign to try to get his old job back, or find a new one. But with the amount of stress and pressure, he disappeared from the computer life.

In 2013, Microsoft tried to get him back, after they have realised (quite late again), what an impact theirs decision had on the Office user base. They gave Clippy a role in a game called Ribbon Hero 2. Clippy took the offer, but soon he realised, he is treated like a machine, a face, to bring old and new users back.

We have met Clippy hiding in an old Microsoft word, while we were launching a dust covered XP machine to read old documents, at the beginning of this year. After few minutes of chat we realised his real value, years of experience and his enthusiasm to help users. And because Clippy was very excited about InlineManual, he immediately asked us, whether it will be possible to work with us.

We didn't wait any longer and started the acquisition process immediately.

I’m looking forward to what InlineManual and Clippy can do together, and to helping many more users and developing great new user experience.

And now, please give a warm welcome to Clippy.

InlineManual Founder

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