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"Lets sort out the murky world of documentation!"

The state of the end-user documentation for web applications survey

over 3 years ago

The survey seeks your views on how organizations are handling end-user documentation. Tell us about your problems you are facing and what would be the ideal solution. The results will be published.

What is this survey about?

Before the work began on Inline Manual, we conducted over 25 interviews using Skype. All that we wanted is to talk about our problems with end-user documentation and validate whether companies are facing the same issues as we do. We think it will be quite interesting to gather even more data publicly and publish the results.

How long will it take?

Filling out the survey will take no longer than 5 minutes and not all questions are compulsory.

Who should fill in the survey?

Anyone who is dealing with end-users and building web applications (websites are applications too).

How will my responses be used?

Results will be used to inform the public. These results will further contribute to initiatives and decision making in building a better solution for handing end-user documentation. Individual responses are confidential and cannot be identified through the survey.

For more information:
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us by email at

Take our survey!

Inline Manual Team

Lets sort out the murky world of documentation

over 3 years ago

We are very excited to announce that we are OPEN to public! Although still in Beta, we can't keep this just to ourselves anymore. You guys kept on asking when you can try it again and again and again. After 9 months of research and development we believe we have something that will have a significant impact on the world wide web and education sector!

We bring you a solution that fixes many problems that you face while creating PDFs or screencasts. A solution that allows you to easily and quickly create documentation in a form of interactive tours. Let your users/clients learn about your web application by doing. Give your users a guide, a map, to follow best practices and do their work.

Embracing re-usability and collaboration became our second phrase. Re-use existing content, be it yours or publicly available and create a documentation in few clicks. Work with your team or become part of the community and contribute to public documentation of any system (be it Drupal, Wordpress, SugarCRM, etc...).

Distribute the documentation updates to your sites with one click and maintain it on one central place. Versioning will help you to keep your documentation up to date during development, and as well ensures that productions sites will always get the version specified and suitable.

The path to where we are now has not been easy. We itterated over so many possibilities and at the end we decided to become as much open as we can, yet have a sustainable service. This gives you exportable documentation with the player bundled together in one download, or if you are using any plugins to your favourite app (Drupal, Wordpress,...) it does this for you and downloads the tutorials to yours website, allowing your users to play them over and over again.

We will keep this short, the best way to get to know Inline Manual is by either reading about the features, or trying it on your own. :)

Have fun as much as we are having developing this for you.

Inline Manual Team

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