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Keep users engaged, converting, and learning with responsive in-app guidance.


Create interactive walkthroughs to guide users to learn-by-doing.


Guide users to take action by responding to to triggers other than just a click, such as hover and focus.


Let users choose where to go next, by branching your walkthrough to take each user where they need to go.


Catch users’ attention with modal windows for announcements, new features or scheduled downtime.


Send in-app messages to segments of users, and launch it when they login next.


Identify groups users into behavioural segments so you can send them the right messages.

Version control

Collaborate with others and manage releases safely on different environments.


Create intelligent content that appears for the right users, at the right time.


Draw user’s attention to hotspots to highlight new features and answer a question before they ask it.


Add supporting help with tooltips where you know users need it most.

Custom buttons in your UI

Add buttons to prompt users to get more help where they need it.

Context sensitive

Target segments of users depending on where they are in your application.


An easy to use integrated feedback form to find out how to improve your product or service.

In-app feedback

Use our integrated feedback form to find out what users think before they move on.

Efficient and effective

Ask users a quick question right when it’s fresh in their minds, this improves in-app survey response rates.


Users prefer self-help. Provide in-app help, so they don’t have to go searching.

Content widget

Provide knowledge base articles and help right in your application.


Filter in-app help in the context of where they are in the application, and even the user’s segment.


Create an in-app help centre with contact details and buttons to launch your support portal.


Boost user onboarding completion rates by motivating users with a checklist.

Checklist linear mode

Help users complete tasks in the right order.

Target and Tailor

Optimize your onboarding flows and convert more customers.


Use segmentation to map your tutorials to specific users and bring their attention to something they missed.


Launch tailored content to specific segments the next time they log in, such as a welcome guide for first-time users.


Shed light on drop-off funnels and find out where you can help users.


We support a flexible translation workflow so that you can support a global audience 24x7.

Translate into all languages

We support all languages, including RTL languages, so you can help your users all over the world.

Easy to add and edit translations

Manage text translation right in the authoring tool.

Export/Import translations

Flexible translation workflow through an easy export (JSON, XLSX, CSV) and then import.

Automatic language switching

Switch the language based on the application environment.


Flexible publishing workflow to ensure quality from editing to publishing.


Use multiple environments and share content across sites and applications.

Release management

Test your content on a staging environment and deploy to production when you’re ready.

Version control system

Test, rollout, and revert changes in our easy-to-use version control system.

Organization permissions

Work together with colleagues in an organization using advanced user permissions.

3rd party integrations

Inline Manual plays well with others. We have integration with Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Segment, Woopra, Marketo and others.

Integrates with others

and more...

24/5 Support

We provide fast and responsive care for our customers. Everyone who uses Inline Manual gets support from a human.