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Got something important to say to your users or employees? Use Modals for announcements. You can simply notify them about upcoming webinars, trainings or anything else!

In-app marketing

Drive conversions and upsells by using Modals for smart in-app marketing promotions. It’s personal, fresh, and relevant. Plus, more effective than e-mail.

Regular feature updates

Having a big release? Updating the feature set for your users? Let them know. Educate your users and show them that you listen and care for their needs.

Downtime announcements

Everyone has to run maintenance once in a while. And users hate to see apps going down unannounced. Keep them in the know!


User onboarding

Customer retention and churn is something that keeps every SaaS business worried. Provide your users with solid onboarding so they stick longer with you.

Employee education

Use walkthroughs to educate your employees on how to work with the software they are supposed to use. They will be more productive and happier.

In-app guidance

Guide the users through your application to get them to the desired goal faster. They will learn how to work with it on the way.



On demand help

Some parts of your application might be more complex than others. Have an on-demand help always available for your users right when they need it the most.

Persistent assistance

Getting the same questions on a specific thing? Use Tooltips to allow the users to self support themselves anytime they need.

Feature launches

While launching a new feature, adoption is always important. Use Hotspots to get the users’ attention, drive them through the feature and ensure better adoption.

In-app help center

Help articles

Have help articles always available directly in your app. The users do not have to leave anywhere to check an external help center so they stay engaged.

Walkthroughs on demand

Allow the users to restart any walkthrough from the in-app help center. No matter whether they were not fully focused the first time or just need a refresher.

Content search

In-app help center contains a search option, that allows the users to find anything they need in case they do not see it straight away.


All content that lives in the help center can be contextual. Show only necessary information when users are most likely to find it useful.

Quick Access Buttons

In case the users do not find the answers they need, you can create buttons that will connect them directly with your support team. Or any other buttons/links.



How do you likethe new feature?

Instant feedback

Identify the bottlenecks of your product by collecting feedback from your users. Act based on the data to resolve the issues!


Understand the mood of users/employees

Ask your users how happy they are with specific software or workflow in it. Understand their mood and happiness of using that solution.


Collect Net Promoter Score directly within Inline Manual. You do not need any other tools in order to do so and can ask users anywhere in the product.


Hello, StephenOK

Make it feel like yours

Change the look and feel of the content in a couple of clicks to make your users more comfortable while going through the onboarding process.

Advanced CSS customization

Use Custom CSS to change the look completely and make the onboarding a unique experience that matches your application.

Custom buttons

Add custom buttons to the walkthroughs to either launch another walkthrough or to guide to the user anywhere else.


Use variables to make the experience even more personalized. Address your users by their name, company name, role or apply custom branding.


Role:SalesJoined:less than a month agoNew Sales UserAdd New User Segment+

Create segments of users

Create a segment of users based on additional parameters you sync with Inline Manual.

New Sales UserStart WalkthroughShow TooltipsOld Sales User

Reach the right segments of users

Target specific segments of users at the right moment. Make sure they always see what they need to see.

New Sales UserAUTOLAUNCHOnboarding Article

Automatically launch the content

Get the content in front of your users automatically, based on the criteria you specify.


?WalkthroughyesnoShow Tooltips

Create multiple branches of content

Want to serve the content based on an answer from a user? No problem! Inline Manual supports branching so you can work with more advanced scenarios as well.

Let’s show youaround?Yes, pleaseNext time

Give users the choice

Give users the choice where they want to go next. Thanks to the branching you can start serving relevant content straight away.


JohnCompanyEmailSubmitFill formDoe

Automate repetitive tasks

Eliminate UX shortcomings by automating repetitive tasks and workflows so the user doesn’t feel bothered by doing them all over again.

Create a click shortcuts

Create a click shortcuts to smoothen the user experience for click-heavy processes and applications.


2 steps edited byPam1 day ago3 day ago7 day ago1 step deleted byMarek3 steps created byEwaWalkthrough

Version control

Use version control to keep track of the evolution of the content and return to previous versions if you find out the new one is underperforming.


Release management

Release management allows you to work on a newer version of walkthroughs while having a stable one served to your users.



Work with multiple environments, so you can test the content on your dev or staging environment while having the final version in production.

MarekPamEwaEditCreate & DeletePublish


Collaborate with your coworkers on the content creation, targeting and general setup of the onboarding. Set up permissions within your team.



Translate into all languages

Inline Manual supports over 70 languages including right to left languages so you can always speak the language of your users.

Bonjour, Sébastien

Automatic language switching

Send us your users language preference and we will make sure he gets the correct language version if it’s available.


Easy to add and edit translations

Add and edit translations directly in the Inline Manual Authoring tool. You can see the changes instantly and set them live in couple of clicks.


Fast workflow for mass translations

Export the content to csv, xls or json, share it with your translators to get the translations done and get it back to Inline Manual. It is that easy.


Detailed content analytics

Get detailed insight into the performance of the walkthroughs. See where the users are dropping off and adjust the content based on it.

Detailed user analytics

See detailed analytics on a user level. Know exactly which users have completed the onboarding or to which stage they got.

Identify product bottlenecks

Identify the bottlenecks of your product in order to pass the feedback to your UX teams and fix it temporarily with additional help content.

3rd party integrations

Export the analytics data to one of the 3rd party Analytics solutions Inline Manual integrates with. Integrate Inline Manual with one of supported 3rd party Analytics solutions to work with the data in a tool you’re used to.

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