Don’t rely on employee training sessions with expensive trainers. Be their trainer anytime.

Continuous employee training is a time consuming and expensive thing. Someone has to prepare them, someone has to facilitate them and now think of all the man-hours billed for everyone attending it. And the researches say they will forget 70% of it anyways. Do it differently - Inline Manual allows you to train your employees anytime, directly in the software. Right when they need it.
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Build trainings to achieve real productivity impact

Build trainings that will stick, allow the users to learn by doing. And in case they forget, give them the option to repeat them anytime, give them the option to always find the answers and help.



Customise the overall experience, embed images and videos and guide the users through the applications for maximised learning results.



Use assigned messages to create walkthroughs, modals for announcements and tooltips for persistent on-demand help.

Train only when they are ready to learn by doing

Set the rules around when the learning experience should start or allow the employees to go completely on their own.

Biggest impact


Create segments of employees based on their access levels, roles within the system, starting date or even seniority.

Biggest impact


Target these segments with relevant content. Make sure you do not serve the same education multiple times.

Always know how well you’re doing it

Keep tracking the progress of your employees and collect instant feedback on their learning experience. Keep developing the content for better results and increase employee productivity.


Analytics & Feedback

Study the content analytics to see what works. Complement it with feedback collected directly from the users to build better content.

Version Management

Release management & version history

Keep working on new versions while you are still serving the latest on the users. Need to return back? No worries with the unlimited version history!

Higher productivity, faster

By implementing a digital adoption platform, your employees will be more productive faster and if they run into troubles, they always know where to get a refresher training.

Happier employees

Researches show employees feel like they are losing time attending internal meetings and trainings, but they still need to learn. Let them learn from their desk.

Free up the hands of your internal helpdesk

By enabling employees to self-support themselves, you will greatly lower the workload at your internal helpdesk. And they will love you!

Reduce support and training costs

Don’t costly organise trainings and refreshers - researches prove that 70% of learnt is forgotten anyways. Inline help is always available.



Guide the users through your application to get them to desired goals faster. Allow the to learn by doing.



Support your users with tooltips explaining what they can do with your application. Directly where they are supposed to do it.



Let the users know how they are progressing through the education process with automated checklists.

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