Enterprise: Unit4™ Agresso ERP adoption

Adopt Unit4™ across your organisation in no time.

Inline Manual has created an easy to use highly functional version of it’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for Unit4™ Agresso users working with all the modules. It also supports over 70 language translations and is completely configurable to the clients branding, approach and method of working.

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Users Onboarded
reduction in support calls
reduction in training costs
reduction onboarding time

Guide users through problematic parts of the software

Employees are often struggling with the same parts of the Unit4™ all over again, whether its occasional users entering timesheets or new users setting up Project Billing for the first time. The helpdesk is flooded by the same tickets on a regular basis. Let them figure it out with in-app help and timely tooltips.


Once you identify where the users are struggling, let them learn the process properly with interactive walkthroughs.



Avail persistent help in places where employees are struggling the most. They will always have help available.

Analyse the impact and reallocate internal resources

Keep evaluating the performance of the content to understand where the users still need help. Check that users are understanding the data entry tasks and where they may be having difficulty or challenges and rectify with new help features. Adapt the support as new versions and modules are rolled out.


Get insights on the overall performance of the education content you have created and keep closing loopholes. Monitor daily and occasional users and tailor support accordingly.

People tracking

Track the progress of specific users in order to understand where the problems are and identify how to fix them. Tailored training for customers and contractors on Unit4™ modules they use. Track if different language versions require additional support or changes in walkthroughs or tooltips.



Serve users content in a language they will understand and want to work with.


Find out how you’re doing, identify the bottlenecks of your application by asking your users directly.


In-App help

Support your users by having a knowledge base available directly within the application.

Higher productivity, faster

By implementing a digital adoption platform, your Unit4™ users whether they are employees or contractors will be more productive faster and if they run into trouble, they always know where to get refresher training.

Happier employees

Research shows employees feel like they are losing time attending internal meetings and training, but they still need to learn. Let them learn from their desk at the time when that little extra help is needed.

Free up the hands of your internal helpdesk

By enabling employees to self-support themselves, you will greatly lower the workload at your internal helpdesk. And they will love you. Global companies can translate the Inline manual help into 70 languages more than most support desks.

Reduce support and training cost

Research proves that 70% of learning is forgotten soon after it is taught. Inline help is always available in all areas of the Unit4™ system which can be refreshed at any time.

Currie & Brown
Currie & Brown take digital adoption for Unit4™ ERP system to the next level
Currie & Brown, a global asset management and construction company, have continued its innovation history by implementing the Inline Manual Digital adoption platform to over 2,000 users in English and Chinese to ensure projects are kept on track.
SAI360 improves Risk Management Software user experience through ongoing, on-demand support with Inline Manual
Nowadays, users have high expectations about product experience and in-app help. To meet these expectations, SAI360 uses Inline Manual to provide self-service materials to BWise users where and when they need it the most - right within the application.

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