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SAI Global improves Risk Management Software user experience through ongoing, on-demand support with Inline Manual

“The development and delivery of tailor-made training is a time-consuming process. Quite often time and budget make a customer decide to do nothing.”

— Vincent Perquin, Manager, BWise Academy - SAI Global

The challenge

How to provide users with answers as soon as questions arise

Supporting and training BWise end-users proved to be difficult and inefficient for SAI Global’s customers. That’s why the SAI Global team started to look for a reliable solution that would allow them to provide on-demand, personalized assistance within the BWise product itself. Vincent and his team were looking for the best way to optimize the product experience and make it as easy as possible without relying heavily on their dev team.

The biggest challenge was how to help users spend less time looking for help and switching between applications, and more time using the product. They wanted to meet users when they needed help, right within the product to increase their satisfaction and reduce confusion. But that was not the only problem they were facing.

“The development and delivery of tailor-made training is a time-consuming process. Quite often time and budget make a customer decide to do nothing.” - Vincent Perquin, Manager, BWise Academy - SAI Global

Traditional methods of training users, such as in-class training sessions or reference manuals can be sufficient in some cases. Depending on the target group, different ways of training and support are effective. Yet, with complex software systems, such approaches are often ineffective. They are costly to develop and difficult to deliver. They lead to slow time-to-competency and long adoption periods. In the end, the learning experience can have a low impact for all engaged.

That's why in 2018, SAI Global decided to start using Ínline Manual to support end-users of their BWise out-of-the-box solutions. Users got access to instant, contextual help while using the product. They no longer had to leave the application to search for help. The answer was right there when they needed it most. Since then, SAI Global has made Inline Manual an integral part of their dedicated training solutions for BWise customers.

“Inline Manual has become a leading tool in supporting the BWise users at their moment of need without leaving the application. Better qualified and satisfied users have a positive influence on customer retention.“ - Vincent Perquin, Manager, BWise Academy - SAI Global

But before going with Inline Manual, SAI Global considered many different DAP solutions such as WalkMe. They were looking for an organization that offered remarkable support, listened to its customers’ feedback, and understood the demands of European companies. After evaluating various solutions, the team decided to choose Inline Manual.

“It is all about personal fit. Especially when you become a reseller, you must have a positive feeling about the partnership (and trust your partner). The support from Inline Manual is great. If we report an issue, Inline Manual has the drive to resolve it. And, it is not just selling the licenses to us, they care to make us successful.”

— Vincent Perquin, Manager, BWise Academy - SAI Global

SAI Global is a recognized global provider of risk and compliance solutions. Their customers protect their brands through proactive risk management. Together, they achieve growth, improve sustainability, and create trust. SAI Global offers world-class solutions allowing you to develop an integrated view of risk.

One of the solutions is BWise - a leading enterprise risk management, internal audit and regulatory compliance platform. BWise enables organizations to be in control of all of their key financial and reputational risks. Leading organizations around the world trust SAI Global to manage risk, property, and training.


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The solution

Use of Inline Manual on a daily basis

SAI Global uses Inline Manual daily to support BWise users and their customers. They take advantage of solutions such as hotspots, tooltips, walkthroughs, and articles to improve user satisfaction and engagement. All the content they create is personalized and context-sensitive for better user experience. They understand how important it is to launch the right message to the right users at the right time.

By launching “show me around” tours, they help users to understand what BWise is and how it fits into their business processes such as Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

With “task-based” walkthroughs, they empower users to complete tasks successfully. Such step-by-step guides help reduce support calls and tickets with common questions. SAI Global understands how important it is to guide users to key features within the tool - users learn by doing and see positive outcomes quickly.

Lastly, with “show me more” help materials, users have access to background information, various learning materials, and reference documents. This in-app help center is always available to them. It makes users more confident and proficient with the product, and it’s a huge time-saver both for users and support teams.

There are a few Inline Manual features that Vincent found especially helpful when creating engaging content. Branching allows them to create topics that will have multiple results depending on the user's activity. It makes the user experience more efficient. Another feature they like is segmentation. Depending on the system role in BWise, they assign Inline Manual topics. Thanks to segmentation, they can focus on critical tasks for the various user groups making the experience more personalized.

“We get, via our account managers and our contacts with our customers, feedback. The feedback is similar: the users of the BWise tool like this way of support - they expect it in this area of technology.”

— Vincent Perquin, Manager, BWise Academy - SAI Global

The results

Improved user experience and faster adoption

SAI Global’s customers and BWise end-users are very satisfied with Inline Manual. They can see the difference Inline Manual makes by giving users immediate support when they need it most without leaving the product.

“Since most of the users are infrequent users, every time they are using BWise it is a ‘new’ experience. The support via Inline Manual decreases their learning curve and gives the comfortable feeling of being able to complete tasks in BWise without the need for training or other support.” - Vincent Perquin, Manager, BWise Academy - SAI Global

Solutions such as tooltips, walkthroughs, or articles allow users to complete tricky tasks without the need to contact the support team. They learn faster how to work with the tool, and it translates directly into saved resources. Plus, educated and happy users have a positive impact on customer retention and churn.

We wish SAI Global many more years of providing amazing in-app support for many more users.

“We get positive feedback from our customers and we have increased our revenue level.”

— Vincent Perquin, Manager, BWise Academy - SAI Global

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