Customers: LMC

LMC enjoys a boost in feature adoption within their recruitment software thanks to Inline Manual

“The LMC team uses Inline Manual to deliver personalized product experience within Teamio - a recruitment application for HR professionals. They significantly improved customer satisfaction and feature adoption for nearly 18,000 users.”

— Monika Štekrová, Customer Success Manager, LMC

The challenge

How to deliver engaging product experience without relying on developers

When LMC decided to change Teamio’s business model, they immediately had thousands of new users. It was wonderful and problematic at the same time. The LMC team realized in-class training and direct sales meetings wouldn't work anymore. Things were changing fast, and they had to optimize their product experience even faster.

n the beginning, Monika and her team were working together with their developers. They wanted to build an in-app experience to help users quickly understand the application. But soon, they noticed how time-consuming and expensive it was. They needed a different way to interact with their users.

“The time spent on implementing just one tooltip was pretty harsh, and it was not flexible. If we needed to change a link in the message or anything else, we had to go through our developers. We all felt like they could do more important tasks.” - Monika Štekrová, Customer Success Manager, LMC

The LMC team started to look for a flexible solution that would help them guide all their customers through Teamio efficiently. They wanted to create powerful, contextual experiences without engaging the dev team. After looking at different providers, the LMC team decided to install Inline Manual.

With Inline Manual, they can build and launch in-app experiences in a few minutes with zero coding. The main reason the LMC team chose Inline Manual was its flexibility. It allowed them to build customized flows that looked and felt like a part of the Teamio app.

“We love that based on custom CSS you can play with the tool and make it look like almost anything you wish for. It can easily meet your brand criteria.” - Monika Štekrová, Customer Success Manager, LMC

Apart from the flexibility, the LMC team appreciated the level of support the Inline Manual team delivers.

“We decided to go with Inline Manual because of the quick support and great attitude from the Inline Manual team since the very beginning. Everything was always very professional.”

— Monika Štekrová, Customer Success Manager, LMC

LMC is a family of online products for job searching, HR processes, and education. LMC is a part of Alma Media Group - a dynamic multi-channel media company that employs approximately 2,400 people in Finland and nine other European countries.


Praha, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czech Republic


Employment, Internet, Online Portals, Software



The solution

Using Inline Manual for improved product experience

The LMC team uses Inline Manual for numerous things. From marketing campaigns, through product updates to walkthroughs. They also use it for fake door testing to show users an option that does not exist and then collect the feedback.

“Collecting feedback is easy, and we can then react to what our users want. We can even talk to those specific clients about certain topics that they are interested in.” - Monika Štekrová, Customer Success Manager, LMC

With interactive walkthroughs and tooltips, they give their users hints on how to use Teamio to the fullest. One of the features that Monika likes the most is rich segmentation. With segmentation, she can personalize in-app experiences and tailor it to different groups of users making targeting extremely precise.

Monika shared with us the onboarding scenario they prepared for specific customers. They wanted to increase the usage of the Inbox feature. But it didn’t make sense to promote it to all customers. Not all users will be interested in all your features. That’s why the Teamio team decided to target only new customers who weren’t using this feature yet.

They prepared an eye-catching tooltip to attract users to go to the Inbox. Then, when users were inside, they could continue the Inline Manual experience with a concise 4-step walkthrough. Thanks to the in-app guidance and sample data, users saw how they can solve their problems with the Inbox and how to do it efficiently.

“77% of users were attracted and went to the Inbox. And 73% of the users who went to the Inbox and started the walkthrough also finished the walkthrough. And the numbers for Inbox interaction are increasing.”

— Monika Štekrová, Customer Success Manager, LMC

The results

Reduced costs and happier customers

Before implementing Inline Manual, it was difficult for Teamio users to get up and going quickly with the software. They were missing important product updates and had to leave the app for help.

With Inline Manual, user experience and engagement improved. Reaching out to users became easy, as keeping them informed and well-onboard.

The LMC team was able to reduce costs, save the time of their developers, and make customers satisfied. All at the same time.

“The most expensive cost in our company is the time of our developers, and that is something that Inline Manual hugely helped us with, and is still helping. I launch things every week through Inline Manual, saving a lot of time and money. The speed of launching is a luxury that all our product teams got easily used to.”

— Monika Štekrová, Customer Success Manager, LMC

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