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User Onboarding

Guide users through your product, increase adoption and conversion rates and reduce churn. Grow your business faster and make your software more lovable. Instantly.

  • User Onboarding

    Introduce users to your application and its functionality with interactive, personalized walkthroughs that encourage actions. You won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

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  • Feature Adoption

    Ensure the success of newly launched features while educating your users. Learn how useful the features are.

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  • In-App Marketing

    Target users effectively with tailored messages to drive conversions and upsell directly within your product.

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Staff training

Automate training of your employees, improve their productivity and get faster to software ROI. Reduce the workload of your internal helpdesk.

  • Change Management

    Support software adoption with a digital adoption platform to smoothen the transition and embrace the change.

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  • Employee Training

    Save resources by having an employee training available directly within the software.

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  • Employee Onboarding

    Onboard employees faster with in-app guidance on the side - decrease their time to productivity.

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  • In-App Support

    Free-up the hands of your helpdesk by letting users self-support themselves directly within the software. Self-help is no longer a nice bonus a company can offer, it’s a must.

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Product features

Inline Manual is packed with a comprehensive set of features for effective and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Walkthroughs


    Guide the users through your application to get them to desired goals faster.

  • Announcements


    Notify your users about training, downtimes or product updates anywhere in the application.

  • Tooltips


    Support your users with tooltips explaining what they are supposed to do with your application.

  • Hotspots


    Notify your users about training, downtimes or product updates anywhere in the application.

  • Promotions


    Run promotions directly in the application for improved conversion rates.

  • Feedback


    Find out how you’re doing, identify the bottlenecks of your application by asking your users directly.

  • In-App Help

    In-App help

    Guide the users through your application to get them to desired goals faster.

  • Automation


    Automate repetitive tasks, create click shortcuts so your users aren’t bothered.

  • Analytics


    Track the performance of the content you have created, know how helpful it is.

  • Branching


    Create multiple branches of content, give users the choice of the path to follow.

  • Version Control

    Version control

    Iterate easily with version control in place. Keep adjusting the content, you can always come back to the previous version.

  • Release Management

    Release management

    Make sure you have the right version of content on the right version of your app. Create on staging, publish on live.

  • Multilingual


    Serve users content in a language they will understand and want to work with.

  • Segmentation


    Segment users to serve them with the most relevant content in the right moments.

  • Collaboration


    Build the content together with your teammates to get things done faster.

Currie & Brown

“Nothing is too much trouble and the support we have received in resolving issues we have come across is fantastic. Inline Manual ensured its system worked within our Unit4 ERP system.”


“We went for Inline Manual because it’s the company that most cared about Doccle. Inline Manual always focused on Doccle first and the support that we got while we were on a free trial was outstanding. The quality of support is the same as now.”


“The most expensive cost in our company is the time of our developers, and that is something that Inline Manual hugely helped us with, and is still helping. I launch things every week through Inline Manual, saving a lot of time and money. The speed of launching is a luxury that all our product teams got easily used to.”


“It is all about personal fit. Especially when you become a reseller, you must have a positive feeling about the partnership (and trust your partner). The support from Inline Manual is great. If we report an issue, Inline Manual has the drive to resolve it. And, it is not just selling the licenses to us, they care to make us successful.”

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