Engage and support your customers through in-app tutorials

Easily create walkthroughs, on-boarding guides, tooltips and managable product documentation

Walkthroughs, Tooltips and Launchers

Create not just step-by-step tutorials. Make tooltips for your web application on the fly, it is quick and easy and you will still benefit from the powerful Inline Manual backend when it comes to publishing.

Stop being dependant on developers, support your users in an agile way.

"Inline Manual is a highly effective way of on-boarding new users, regardless of whether they are customers or clients, I highly recommend you take a look"

Neil Cameron - Director of Technology -

Inline interactive help, always available and contextual

Imagine you were sitting next to your customer and showing them how to work with the application you have just built. Inline Manual does that for you 24/7.

Inline Manual presents a new layer on top of your application that allows your customers work with the application while they are learning. Learning by doing at its best.

"Inline Manual goes above and beyond every other in-app tutorial provider. From consistent updates to user-centered designs, Marek and his team are nothing but helpful when it comes to both development and support. I can’t wait to see what comes next from these guys!"

Daniel Sandoval - UX -

Create and implement in minutes

Our easy to use authoring tool allows you and your team to create and update tutorials as a group in minutes. No coding skills needed. It is faster to create and deploy a tutorial than explain it again over the phone.

And guess what, even developers like using Inline Manual, because they can easily prepare features overview tutorials, which can be further edited by marketing/documentation team.

Analyze users behaviour

Get insights how your users are using your application. Where they are seeking help, whether they are completing tutorials and reaching theirs goals.

Analytics allows you to re-think not just the inline help but your application too, based on real numbers.

Find out more about analytics >

One platform to manage it all with processes

A platform allowing your team to be agile, responsive and fast. Our solid backend includes version control system, releases, tagging and deployment features. These will fully integrate with your company processes.

"While building out our new site, Inline Manual has been instrumental in delivering seamless guidelines and support to our end users. The team behind Inline Manual is not only great innovators, they're great to work with as well!"

Dick Olsson - Senior Software Architect -

We are open sourcing documentation for any platform

Contribute back documentation or re-use any existing public tutorials for your site.

Our player can be integrated with any web platform and our goal is to support as many as we can. Join the community of a platform you like and start making beautiful tutorials that also others can benefit from.

We are constantly adding new platforms, let us know if there is one we should add.

Improve user experience and adoption of your application

Teach your customers with ease, forget about screenshots, screencasts, workshops,...

  • Analytics on user behaviour
  • Copy/Update/Re-use tutorials in teams
  • Version Control System like features
  • Lightweight player - no dependencies
  • Standalone static version of the player
  • Release management for tutorials

  • Create community/public tutorials
  • Multilingual tutorials
  • Easy to customise look and feel of the player
  • API for more advanced integrations
  • Human support