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Light the way to success for your users

Make Walkthroughs, Tooltips, Launchers and support Articles for any web application on the fly.

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Create without code - use our Digital Adoption Platform to create interactive walkthroughs, tooltips and support articles right in your app.

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User onboarding

Improve your conversion rates and reduce churn.

Never let users get lost again

Tailor onboarding experiences. Launch tutorials for first time-users.

Prevent user churn

Launch onboarding tutorials focused on value. Reinforce your messages through action.

Get to the a-ha moment faster

Focus on key benefits and guide user to their goals.

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In-app Support

Self-help support available 24x7 to a global audience.

Reduce support load

Place a launcher in trouble spots in your app. Launch walkthroughs from support emails or documentation.

Discover and enlighten

Improve feature adoption. Launch tutorials to user groups and show them what they missed.

Retain customers

Improve customer retention with interactive feature announcements.

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Employee Training

Get new staff up to speed quickly. Accelerate internal adoption of new applications.

Step by step guidance

Provide expert knowledge to new staff in context. When they learn-while-doing, they are more efficient and faster.

Click to create - on the fly

Create rich, interactive content such as step-by-step tutorials, and update without any developer help.

Track completion in Analytics

Target new employees and find out who completed which tutorials.

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