Create step-by-step tutorials for your users

Enhance your website or application with an interactive help, lower support cost, onboard with ease
  • How to use the app
  • How to create new report
  • Where are new users
  • Monitoring sites
  • General overview

Step 1
Tell your users what to do through step-by-step guidance.

Step 2
They can click and interact with the app while learning.

Step 3
Show them the right workflows to make them productive.

Effective support for your users, that is always there, right within your web app.

Smart documentation for your website or application

Inline interactive help, always available, one click away

Step-by-step tutorials are the best way to teach your customers how to work with the website. They can directly interact with the website within the browser by clicking, filling in the forms, navigating around, and much more... They are learning by doing.

Create and implement, faster than taking a screenshot.

Our easy to use authoring tool allows you and your team to create and update tutorials in minutes. No coding skills needed. It is faster to create and deploy a tutorial than explain it again over the phone.

One platform to manage all your websites/applications

A platform allowing your team to be agile, responsive and fast. Our solid backend includes version control system, releases, tagging and deployment features. These will fully integrate with your company processes. Additionaly you can export to HTML (with autocaptured screenshots) and test the documentation.

Show your users clear path to follow. Teach them how to reach their goals. Improve user experience.