The future of self-help support, documentation and onboarding

Enhance your web site or web app with an interactive help, lower support costs, make users happy
  • How to use the app
  • How to create new report
  • Where are new users
  • Monitoring sites
  • General overview

Step 1
Tell your users what to do through step-by-step guidance.

Step 2
They can click and interact with the app while learning.

Step 3
Show them the right workflows to make them productive.

Effective support for your users, that is always there, right within your web app.

Contextual support for users, learning by doing

Show your users clear path to follow. Teach them how to reach their goals. Improve user experience.

What our customers have to say

Inline Manual is definitely worth the wait. It was easy to learn and begin using within minutes. When faced with an obstacle, the support team was right there to help –Thanks Marek! I’ve read about some of the upcoming new features and they are all ‘inline’ with our business goal – to provide an exceptional user experience for our clients. Great Job Guys! Keep up the Great Work!

Sandy Martinez - Technical Project Manager - CCSGroup

Cost effective solution

Letting the users help themselves leads to less phone calls, emails and any other support requests

Agencies building websites

Collaborate as an organization, re-use existing documentation on multiple sites in seconds

It is not just you who is struggling with making the documentation part of the process. Now you are able to easily create, reuse and distribute meaningful interactive help that your customers will love and actually use.

Benefit from the additional advanced tools, such as export to html with automated screenshotsBETA, to create static help documents, that you can import into your Knowledge base or send them as PDF making it part of your project deliverables.

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Solid backend infrastructure

We’ve got your back, distribute the help across multiple sites, production, development


Product always changing and nobody wants to re-create screenshots everytime there is a little change? Discover the new approach and start being really agile, even with documentation.

Fast paced evolution of a product, where nothing is set in the stone for the first years of development, requires being able to react accordingly.

We often don't do documentation and instead we tend to relly on other support methods (calls, email,...), purely because the tools are not there. And who would want to recreate all the help every day, when there is a change in UI?

With InlineManual you can easily create, reuse and distribute help for your product in minutes. Spend less time with support, focus on pushing your product forward.

Inline Manual is a tool to create interactive, reusable and easy to maintain documentation for end-users of your web app. Be it a tutorial "How to add a new user" within a content management system you've just built or a tutorial showing how to manage content.

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