Onboard your new colleagues in no time

People will be always joining and leaving your teams. To get them up to speed with the software you use and processes within them can take a lot of time. Build an educational layer on top of the software to onboard new employees and make them productive faster. Make your management happy by making the new hires valuable contributors earlier.
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Build trainings directly in the software

No need for training materials and multiple in-person training anymore. You can build the onboarding experience directly in the software your employees are supposed to work with.


No coding required

You may think you would need to write code in order to create an experience on top of your software. Well, you don’t!

Authoring tool

The Authoring tool allows you to create the content in a point and click way right on top of the desired application.

Be available anytime for the additional help

Availability is important during the onboarding period. For this reason companies usually have internal champions within the teams. Now you can multiply them by hundreds.

Inline Help Center

Inline Help center

With Inline Helpcenter, the right answer is just a click away. Employees can access it anytime without leaving the application.



No repetitive questions anymore. Tooltips are persistent help right in the problematic parts of the software.

Analyse how new hires are doing and optimise the flows

When automating the training and onboarding, you still want to know how you’re doing. Get insights on where the employees are in the onboarding process and understand if you’re giving them enough support.



Get insights about the overall performance of the content to understand where you could support the users better.

People tracking

Identify where each of the users got in the onboarding experience, identify the problematic parts and iterate.

Higher productivity, faster

By implementing a digital adoption platform, your employees will be more productive faster and if they run into troubles, they always know where to get refresher training.

Happier employees

Researches show employees feel like they are losing time attending internal meetings and trainings, but they still need to learn. Let them learn from their desk.

Free up the hands of your internal helpdesk

By enabling employees to self-support themselves, you will greatly lower the workload at your internal helpdesk. And they will love you!

Reduce support and training costs

Don’t costly organise trainings and refreshers - researches prove that 70% of learnt is forgotten anyways. Inline help is always available.



Guide the users through your application to get them to desired goals faster. Allow the to learn by doing.



Support your users with tooltips explaining what they can do with your application. Directly where they are supposed to do it.



Let the users know how they are progressing through the education process with automated checklists.

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