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Onboard users effectively with Inline Manual

Create happy customers who stick around

You designed your application with users’ needs at the center, and ideally, your new users will meet their needs with your software. If they don’t, they’ll churn. Don’t let it happen! With Inline Manual set of tools, you can boost your customers’ engagement level, drive them to action, and in turn reduce churn and create happy customers who stick around. You’ll be sure that your customers fully understand how to use your product to achieve their goals.

What is user onboarding for a SaaS software?

User onboarding can be described as the process of making users introduced to a service with the aim to ensure they are successful in reaching their goals and getting benefits they were promised. It’s a constantly changing process responding to shifts in users’ needs, the market and your application’s capabilities.

Did you know that 40-60 % of users who sign up for a free trial of SaaS application will use it once and never come back? That’s why it’s crucial to demonstrate the value of your product. But how can you get users to see the benefits outweighing the costs as quickly as possible? You do it by guiding users to the most high-impact activities.

Why Inline Manual?

Instant, interactive guidance to boost user activation

Make user onboarding effective with interactive product guides, onboarding checklist, and just-in-time contextual help. With Inline Manual, your users will master your software within a short period of time without being overwhelmed.

Smart targeting to display the right topics to the right users at the right time

Not all materials you create will be important to all your customers. With Inline Manual, you can make onboarding personalized and display articles, walkthroughs, and tooltips that are really relevant to your users. You can divide your customers based on a role, plan or their behavior. Then, you can target them with different topics. Rather than showing everything at once, you can provide specific help as your users move through your app, guiding them hand to hand. When you show only necessary information when your users are most likely to find it useful, you will get them to their “a-ha” moment faster and they will thank you for this.

Seamless support experience with on-demand help

Meet your users where they are - within your application. Don’t make them go searching for help. Provide it right where they need it the most. Your users will read an article, explore helpful tooltips or play a walkthrough whenever they want to without leaving the app. We agree, not all questions can be answered with a support article. That’s why you can add a link or a button in the widget’s footer to a contact form or a live chat. Let your customers help themselves, but give them the option to reach out to you if they have to. It’s a perfect balance.

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We find that many organisations start with us to improve the user onboarding experience of their SaaS application, and later they find they can use the same content for sales enablement, and later staff training. Now, organizations are coming to us directly to augment their staff training programs. Inline Manual gives their training teams the ability to use easy workflows to update content. They can create content that is easy to digest, right there on the screen. They see how they can quickly remove potential blockers and going forward with better approaches for business transformation.

If you’ve got some ideas and you’re wondering what’s possible, we’d love to show you around.