Delight your users with great onboarding experience. No coding required.

Good product onboarding increases product adoption and enhances the overall user experience. It is expensive to build and maintain though. Not with Inline Manual - build walkthroughs, in-app announcements or tooltips without the hassle of coding. Delight your customers and focus on long-term relationships instead.
onboarded with Inline Manual

Build native-like experience

Guide your users through the product in a way that will feel natural to drive the best adoption and ultimately conversion and retention results.



Customise the entire experience to your needs, use variables to talk directly to your employees and make them feel like the help has always been there.



Speak the language of your customer to achieve better results. Use advanced multilingual capabilities to allow your users to learn by doing in a language they feel comfortable with.

Reach the right users at the right moment

Make sure you are talking to the right customers and prospects in the right moments. Timing is a very important part of every onboarding experience so you should nail it!



Create segments of users based on specific parameters. Want to talk to users with different permissions? Users from a specific company or on a specific plan? No problem!



Use autolaunchers to automatically engage with the user segments at the moments that matter.

Analyse product usage and act on the insights

Analyse the usage of Inline Manual content in order to recognise where your product could be performing better, where you should add additional help and support the users better.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics

Collect detailed analytics on the content usage. See where the users are dropping off, where the content could be more engaging. Understand what are the bottlenecks of your application.

Instant Feedback


Collect feedback from your users in order to identify the opportunities on how to enhance their experience and ultimately drive a better results.


3-minute implementation

To implement Inline Manual, you just need to copy and paste a code snippet into your application and you are all set up!

Part of app experience

Part of your app experience

Inline Manual becomes part of your application experience meaning your users will never need to install additional plugins or leave your application.

Fast and simple changes

Fast and simple changes

Need to change the flows? No problem - you don’t have to bother your developers ever again and can change the flows yourself.

Interactive In-app guidance

Interactive In-app guidance

With Inline Manual you can guide your users to learn, complete actions or perform certain steps.



Use modals for announcements, to run promotions, drive conversions and upsells or simply to welcome your users.



Guide the users through your application to get them to desired goals faster. Allow the to learn by doing.



Let the users know how they are progressing through the education process with automated checklists.

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