Make your employees love what they always hated. Be their hero.

Change management is usually a painful process. And even if it is a change to better, people will always complain, hate it. They don’t know what to do, how to work with new software and they are tired of going to trainings all over again. And you keep organising them — trainings, refreshers and more trainings. With Inline Manual it doesn’t have to be like that…
employees made less frustrated
by Inline Manual
SAI Global
decrease in support tickets
increase in new user activation
the rate of NPS responses

Identify the weak spots, build guides to help and boost employee productivity

Make sure you support your employees where they need it the most to smoothen their transition experience. They will thank you later.



Customise the entire experience to your needs, use variables to talk directly to your employees and make them feel like the help has always been there.



Target the right users at the right moment. Complicated form? Alright - keep the tooltips always available. New internal process for specific user group? Explain it only to them!

Guide employees when they get into problems, don’t train them again

Save your training and troubleshooting resources by having available help in-app.


On-demand knowledgebase

Have your most experienced team member sit next to your users all the time. Let them ask him anytime, directly in the application. With no additional resources.

Ad-hoc topic creation

See the users struggling with some process? Getting feedback from your help desk? Great! Just create additional help in a couple of minutes and eliminate the problems.

Find out where they struggle and act on that

Be in the know! Get insights on where the users struggle, where they could use additional support and build it for them!



Get in-depth insights on how the inline help works, identify bottlenecks in the processes and iterate the entire education experience to drive better productivity.

Version Management


Not sure if the settings you came up with works for your users? Ask them straight away! Get better insights on their desired workflows in a fast and convenient way.

Faster software investment ROI

By implementing a digital adoption platform, your employees will be more productive faster and you will get to return of investment in new software faster.

Happier employees

Make the change process less hateable thing by giving your employees a better way to learn. After all — learning by doing sticks the most.

Free up the hands of your internal helpdesk

By enabling employees to self-support themselves, you will greatly lower the workload at your internal helpdesk. And they will love you!

Reduce support and training costs

Don’t costly organise trainings and refreshers — researches prove that 70% of learnt is forgotten anyways. Inline help is always available.



Guide the users through your application to get them to desired goals faster. Allow the to learn by doing.



Support your users with tooltips explaining what they can do with your application. Directly where they are supposed to do it.

In-app Helpcenter

In-app Helpcenter

Support your users by having a knowledge base available directly within the application. Don’t let them hang there ever again.

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