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Use Inline Manual to improve feature adoption

Boost feature adoption and keep your users up to date with all the product changes

For SaaS companies, product adoption is key to revenue growth, higher retention rates, and lower churn. A strong feature adoption strategy can make all the difference. Inline Manual can help you with that. Guide customers to their goals with walkthroughs and tooltips, send engaging new feature announcements and provide in-app self-support - all with just one tool. Deliver the right message to the right user at the right time to improve customer experience and get your features used. You won’t regret it.

Why announcing new features is important?

If you're planning a software release announcement, you hope your users are as excited as you are. In a perfect scenario, these new features are immediately adopted by all your customers. In reality, it rarely happens. Often we get so excited about the new release that we don’t even ask if anyone’s going to notice.

Have you ever found a long-time customer angry and confused by new features and changes? Or, did you get “new feature requests”, only to explain that you already have that feature? Every change is a challenge. Each unused feature is something your customers are paying for without getting the value. It can easily drive them away to your competition. That’s why for SaaS companies feature adoption is crucial to revenue growth and lower churn.

Why Inline Manual?

Proven users engagement strategies

With proven user engagement strategies, Inline Manual will help you optimize your feature adoption process, allowing your customers to get the full value of your product. Activating your new users and re-engaging with your long-time customers was never easier. Bring attention to the features your customers aren’t taking advantage of. Maybe they are just not aware of them?

With interactive product walkthroughs, pulsing hotspots, and in-app announcements you can effectively introduce new features, guide your users, and increase their engagement.

Tailored experience to each user

Personalization is critical to user engagement and feature adoption. Inline Manual provides rich segmentation feature helping you deliver the right message to the right user at the right time. Create groups of users based on their behavior, plan, role or the sign-up date. Put everything in context to be sure your users see the message only when it is relevant to them and in turn, get higher engagement level and maximized feature adoption rates.

Feedback and analytics to know what’s working and what’s not

Gathering users feedback is necessary to improve customer experience and provide value. And there is nothing like gathering feedback right within a product. Don't wait until your users forget what they thought. Ask a quick question right when it’s fresh in their minds. But that’s not all. Use our analytics to shed light on drop-off funnels and find out where you can help users and improve their experience.

A flexible platform built to foster digital adoption, where you can help users right there where they need it; where you can see who has seen and completed the training; and where you don’t have to worry about screenshots being out of date.

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