About Us

Hi. We're Inline Manual.

Inline Manual is a Digital Adoption Platform to create interactive walkthroughs, tooltips and support articles right in customer’s app.

Our mission

As a Digital Adoption Platform, we keep our customers ahead of the competition by reducing the time it takes for their users to reach success.

We empower customer-facing teams to improve in-app communication without getting in the way of product development.

About Us

We created Inline Manual in 2012. Our team members have backgrounds in customer service, employee training, and app development.

Our roadmap is informed by our vision for a lean, flexible product that meets and exceeds customers needs. We scale and grow with our customers.

We gradually roll out new MVP features, and explore the roadmap through customer feedback.

Our values

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholders. Our brand values show in our daily work, every line of code we write, every support email we respond to and every new feature we deploy.

Helpful & Supportive

We look at our customers as partners, not as yet another customer. We get invested in making the implementation and rollout a success for everyone from start to continuous improvements. We strive to build a great relationship with our customers, making sure they can rely on us.

Flexible & Responsive

We are building flexible solutions that continuously evolve with what customers’ are facing whilst they are heading towards success. We are listening to our customers, to their needs, finding innovative solutions to approach their problems and guide them to that success.

Human & Understanding

We understand that every customer is in a different context in their life/work at that moment. Be it a business not thriving, personal issues, or anything else that can negatively or positively impact their behaviour and work. We, as a brand, want to closely relate to our customers, not to add to their feelings, but rather complement/sooth them and be there for them.

Curious & Energetic

We are as excited to see the success of our customers as our customers themselves. We bring that energy with us, following new inspiration, ideas and solutions to overcome any hurdles our customers are facing. To help them push forward and excel.