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DezrezExceed user expectations with context sensitive help.

When they moved to a SaaS model, Dezrez seized the opportunity to change the way they did things. And customers are loving it.

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“Inline Manual is a great platform that lets us focus on our core business. Its many features, easy implementation and customizable content enable us to create engaging guides for our users that find them very helpful. The amazing responsiveness of the Inline team and the willing to improve and receive feedback are the icing on the cake! :)”

Eyal SheinholtzProduct Manager eToro

“Inline manual has dramatically increased our customers understanding of our product and greatly reduced the need for 1on1 support. This product is a Must Have for any company selling anything online and can be implemented quickly and easily by anyone. Inline manual is doing to online help what Slack did for communication collaboration!”

James RossCEO - HedgeChatter

“We've tested a few on boarding and walkthrough softwares and IM wins with its simplicity and flexibility. Adding its super fast and helpful support, the tool brings more possibilities to our Product Development Team - and a much nicer experience to our users, of course ;) In summary: IM Rocks!"

Paula MarquesHead of User Experience - Customer Alliance

“Inline Manual goes above and beyond every other in-app tutorial provider. From consistent updates to user-centered designs, Marek and his team are nothing but helpful when it comes to both development and support. I can’t wait to see what comes next from these guys!"

Daniel Sandoval - DiscussCustomer Support Communications - Miovision

“Inline Manual lets us guide and support our customers more effectively, and also enhance their overall experience - all in just a few simple steps! The team at Inline Manual are truly dedicated to delivering the best, in product and service!"

Lindsey SchneiderCustomer Support Communications - Miovision

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