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Currie & Brown
Currie & Brown take digital adoption for Unit4 ERP system to the next level
Currie & Brown, a global asset management and construction company, have continued its innovation history by implementing the Inline Manual Digital adoption platform to over 2,000 users in English and Chinese to ensure projects are kept on track.
How Doccle improves product experience for over 1 million users with Inline Manual
Inline Manual has been a huge help with reducing support tickets, providing instant information for the end-users, and improving in-app guidance when onboarding in Doccle.
SAI Global
SAI Global improves Risk Management Software user experience through ongoing, on-demand support with Inline Manual
Nowadays, users have high expectations about product experience and in-app help. To meet these expectations, SAI Global uses Inline Manual to provide self-service materials to BWise users where and when they need it the most - right within the application.
LMC enjoys a boost in feature adoption within their recruitment software thanks to Inline Manual
The LMC team uses Inline Manual to deliver personalized product experience within Teamio - a recruitment application for HR professionals. They significantly improved customer satisfaction and feature adoption for nearly 18,000 users.