Customers: Currie & Brown take digital adoption for Unit4 ERP system to the next level

Currie & Brown take digital adoption for Unit4 ERP system to the next level

“Nothing is too much trouble and the support we have received in resolving issues we have come across is fantastic. Inline Manual ensured its system worked within our Unit4 ERP system.”

— Sam Haslam, group business and systems manager, Currie & Brown

The challenge

Currie & Brown had previously implemented the Unit4 ERP system — a significant improvement on its previous project accounting systems. However, Currie & Brown found it a challenge to keep its learning courses and ‘quick cards’ (miniinstruction guides) up to date and relevant.

Significant system changes meant that updating training material was a timeconsuming and complicated task.

In addition, ongoing company growth with new employees in various locations around the world meant a need to reflect regional variations in processes and requirements.

As a construction consultancy and asset management company, Currie & Brown‘s business is project-focussed. This is an area in which the Unit4 ERP system is very strong and functional. The setup of projects and management of sub-projects and work orders requires structure and organisation.

As the centrepiece for efficient billing is timesheets and costs which must be efficiently recorded in the Unit4 ERP system at month end to ensure invoices are complete and accurate.

“Creating the content is simple and it is easy to use, even for someone who is not extremely technical. It is also easy to maintain and update. Having the facility to add content in multiple languages is great. So far, we are using English and Simplified Chinese.”

— Sam Haslam, group business and systems manager, Currie & Brown

Currie & Brown is an asset management and construction consultancy driven by innovation. Global in reach and office network, but also local in delivery and relationships.

Currie & Brown has over 2000 people operating from more than 60 offices worldwide.


Principal offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York, and Shanghai.





The solution

Currie & Brown’s business solutions team was not aware that digital adoption solutions could be integrated with enterprise resource planning systems such as Unit4 ERP. A recommendation from a project-based partner engineering company made them aware of Inline Manual.

After a comprehensive demonstration Currie & Brown could see the areas in which Inline Manual could assist, and put together a team to progress. The initial project consisted of introducing walkthroughs and tooltips to the Unit4 ERP system in India and the Asia-Pacific for two modules—timesheets and expenses.

The results

After the success of the first two module implementations, the project moved forward to roll out walkthroughs, tooltips and learning guides to the other key modules across the Unit4 ERP system. This has now been rolled out to more than 2000 users in English and simplified Chinese.

The next stage will be for the company to move to using analytics and reporting to further improve user adoption.

The benefits

The benefits to Currie & Brown were clear from first implementation, with reduced training requirements and no further requirement to produce ‘quick card’ guidance. Inline Manual’s system provides full guidance and information from within the Unit4 ERP system. Currie & Brown’s team found the system easy to use and valued the reactive support line.

Benefits have included the simplicity, convenience and intuitiveness of training to hundreds of staff, across all time zones and in multiple languages.

Currie & Brown anticipates savings through reduced time spent on support and developing training materials for all new modules or major system upgrades.

Qualitative improvements include employee satisfaction with the main Unit4 ERP system and user satisfaction across the multiple languages used across the Currie & Brown business.

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