Blog: 20+ examples of user onboarding to inspire you

20+ examples of user onboarding to inspire you

Marek Sotak

Take a look at inspiring examples of SaaS user onboarding. What techniques are used and why? Get ideas for bringing your new users closer to conversion.

First - define a great user onboarding experience

Before we dive into examples of user onboarding, let’s look at the big picture. At Inline Manual, we define User Onboarding as “The process whereby users are introduced to a service over time to ensure users reach the goals or benefits promised by the service.”

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User onboarding started from ideas used in Human Resources. The purpose of employee onboarding is to get new staff up to speed and productive - ASAP. User onboarding also takes inspiration from gaming

Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario game designer, talks about how he created what is considered one of most “if not the most iconic” level in game history. This starting level helped players learn-by-doing, without a lengthy tutorial.

“We made sure that there were some parts that even if the player fell, it would be safe. By doing that, we wanted the player to gradually and naturally understand what they are doing.” - Shigeru Miyamoto, “How Nintendo made Mario's most iconic level

Looking to other approaches will give you some ideas of what you can apply in your app.

[Video] Examples of great user onboarding

Watch this video to get ideas that you can apply today to your onboarding experience.

  • Show users how the product works before they register.
  • Add a personalised welcome message.
  • Show users around a new feature in a structured way.
  • Add a Checklist of the most high-impact tasks to motivate new users.
  • Use a sidebar widget including knowledgebase articles to refer back to.
  • Prompt users with timed in-app messages.
  • Use context to tailor the right message, such as articles that only appear in certain sections of your app or site.


First-time users aren’t interested in all of your features. They want RESULTS. You have limited time to prove it to them. What result will give users the highest impact. What part of your application is going to show them how the problem they are having can be solved?

Keep looking around for inspiration. Perhaps when you try out new software or maybe even play a new game, you’ll get ideas to try out with your application.

The SaaS user onboarding process follows users from their initial sign up throughout their customer lifecycle. User onboarding also changes with your product lifecycle, as it adapts to users needs. And that’s why you have to always inform users about what’s new and what’s possible with new feature announcements.

You should also always be adapting and learning about user onboarding processes. By using Inline Manual, we’ll help you stay up to date. Check out our latest releases.

If you’re wondering how you can create the best in-app onboarding experience for your users without any coding, request a product demo of Inline Manual.