Blog: iFrames support in Beta - Seeking testers

iFrames support in Beta - Seeking testers

Marek Sotak
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Would you like to get access to the next features and influence the direction of Inline Manual? Our beta program is available on request to our Standard and Enterprise customers.

beta program

Thank you!!

First we want to say thank you!

We recently brought our Analytics offering out of Beta. In that time, we received feedback through support requests, wellness calls, and 1:1 screensharing. This constant flow of communication gives customers a chance to voice their feedback, and they also share creative ideas.

So we must extend a heartfelt thank you to our customers provided detailed feedback which means more improvements. We’ll continue to develop this essential aspect of Inline Manual as you use the tools and tell us about your needs.

We have a new beta test running now, and we’d love to have your participation.

iFrames support in Beta - Seeking testers!

One of the features we’re developing right now is iFrame support.

Some applications or parts of application employ iFrames. iFrames allow developers to embed interactive applications within websites, it’s considered a webpage-within-a-webpage.

Up until now we haven’t supported iFrames. Unfortunately for potential customers, few of our competitors offer support so their options were limited. Now we’re stepping up and building iFrame support so we can help customers who are looking for an affordable and robust solution.

We’re offering this feature now on an opt-in basis. This means you’ll be able to target specific elements within iFrames and create walkthroughs across iFrames.

This new feature is now available on request if you’d like to test it out and give us your feedback.

Contact us if you want to know more.