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250 active users

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250 active users
Pro features
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Frequently asked questions

Is the 14-day trial really free?

Yes. No credit card is required, and you will get a fully functional working account that allows you to create an unlimited amount of walkthroughs, target users and set up everything, just like with paid account.

What happens at the end of my trial?

You can buy online and pay via credit card, or pay by invoice if you are working with a sales rep. Your trial will become your Inline Manual account.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, you can, if you are paying annually, for US $2,500 or more, you can pay via invoice (contact sales).

Do you provide professional services?

Yes, we help our customers with building user experiences for your products, provide user onboarding consultations, design and further customizations (contact sales).

Who is an Active User?

An active user is a user that logs in to your application and Inline Manual player is installed for them. It does not matter whether they use the Inline Manual walkthroughs or not, since you can target them with automated messages based on segmentation - hence why we need to track them. You can choose to limit who will have Inline Manual available on your side or you can disable analytics and people tracking.

Who uses Inline Manual?

Inline Manual is popular with marketers, support managers, product owners, sales, training and success managers who wish to create a better user experience for their customers and employees.

What platforms do you support?

Inline Manual has been built with flexibility in mind. We support any applications, from enterprise products to custom built applications. Contact us if you want to talk about a specific product.

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About our pricing

Start small and scale

With our flexible pricing, our customers can scale their subscription up or down as needed based on where the Inline Manual player is installed.

Sometimes, when clients are launching a new feature, they may roll out tutorials for all users and then scale back their subscription. They save money while still making the tutorials available for new users.

On the other hand, our customers sometimes start testing the impact of guided tutorials with a sample segment of users, and then continue to expand across their entire user base after they’ve learned what works best.

Where does your money go?

As a customer at Inline Manual, your financial support runs our business. We thought it would be nice to tell you where your money goes.

Often new clients want to know how we’re funded. We are not a venture-backed startup, though we have been approached many times since we started in 2012. We’re not aiming for high-growth for investors, but rather high-sustainability for our customers.

Sustainable growth

As a customer, your financial support helps Inline Manual run a sustainable business. Sustainability is central to everything we do. Sustainability is more than just keeping Inline Manual running and paying for traffic resources. To sustain, we have to continue to improve. This means investing in development, as well as [growing our Customer Success]( and support services.

Fair pricing

We want our pricing to be transparent, fair, affordable and flexible. You pay for the value you get in return. This means we can keep prices lower for self-service clients with low overhead costs, while still providing high-quality service. Customers who have more than 50,000 active users are on Enterprise plans. The pricing reflects the resources of traffic, and also the way we develop and support the needs of these larger user bases.

Support coverage

Everyone who uses Inline Manual gets help and support. We’ve grown the support team and extended the hours of coverage from 8 to 16 hours a day. Soon we’ll be extending to 24 hours a day coverage by growing the team and giving them training to improve their capabilities.

New feature development

Over the past two years, our application has changed immensely. Previously, our customers could only launch static and passive tutorials. Now with Inline Manual, they can launch a range of content dynamically based on segmentation. With segmentation, our customers decide which of their users see what tutorials.

Segmentation is based on behaviors or even dynamic information they send to Inline Manual. Analytics, Automation, People Tracking have opened up new possibilities. Now our customers can experiment and learn what is working best. Quality and results are improving.

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Sites1 livemultisites
Number of Content Itemsunlimitedunlimited
Contextual Widget
AnalyticsBasic 1 month historyAdvanced - detailed - 12 months history
People TrackingBasicAdvanced
SegmentationUp to 3 segmentsunlimited
Engage Users1 Autolauncherunlimited
Actions and Events
White Label
Step Templates
3rd Party Analytics
Javascript API
Rest API
Version Control System
Deployment - Release Management
SSL Support
SupportEmailEmail + Chat + Phone

Pro features

iFrames Support
Player Browser Extension (Enterprise applications)
Standalone Player (HIPAA compliant)
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