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Designed to let you get the highest response rates - MEASURE, COLLECT, ENGAGE

With user feedback, you can quickly learn about your customers’ needs, what is working for them and what’s not. The best companies understand that and they consistently listen to their customers. And they appreciate that. You show that you listen, you care for their needs and you’re responsive. Gathering users feedback is necessary to improve customer experience and provide value.

Why collecting customer feedback in-app?

Collecting reliable feedback is a challenge. Click rates on emails are already low, and when users get to the feedback survey the response rates are even lower. With Inline Manual, you can engage users in the right context and get reliable responses quickly right within your application. Don’t wait to ask users for feedback. Ask them right then and there. This will improve your response rates and the quality of feedback. It is highly relevant, in-context and personalized.

Why Inline Manual?

High response rates

With Inline Manual, you can launch a survey when your users are most likely to complete it - within your product. Ask them in context, and you’ll be more likely to get a response. It is the most effective way to gather high-quality feedback. You can schedule an automated pop-up survey, or place it within a widget. Your choice.

Only reliable feedback

You can easily get responses from specific customers with our segmentation feature. Want to target only paying users or those who signed up 30 days ago? No problem. Use their feedback to further develop your product.

Improved customer engagement

What you do after the survey matters. Lead your users to their goals under any condition to increase customer happiness and satisfaction. Happy customers are loyal customers. Once you have your data, engage with your users. Reach out to your customers and grow your business with them. Prevent unhappy users from leaving by identifying and addressing their pain points and problems. Start today.

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