What browsers do you support for playing tutorials?

We support all modern browsers:
Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera,...

Do we need to install the chrome browser plugin for every user?

No, the browser plugin (extension) is only for authoring.

Is it possible to style the player and the bubbles?

You can change the colours of almost all the widget and player elements in site settings > player settings.

Or if you know what CSS is, then it is fully under your control. You can simply override the CSS and apply any colors/styles as you wish. You can read more about classes that can be overriden here

Is the player easy to implement?

It is! You need to insert one line of code into your application.

You can read more about the options here or visit Site detail > Settings > Player installation

I need some more help

We value your time and if you can't find the answer on our support portal or the application is not friendly to you (we are truly sorry that this is happening), please do get in touch! Every feedback really help us to improve the service.

Support query: Ask here (recommended)
Email: support@inlinemanual.com
Phone: +44 (0)160 428 0806 (UK)

FAQs are regularly updated on support portal