Blog: New! Discover drop-off funnels to improve conversion rates

New! Discover drop-off funnels to improve conversion rates

Marek Sotak
New release

Today we are releasing actionable detailed walkthrough analytics with drop off funnels, so you can learn how topics are being used and optimize them to convert more customers.

Where are users lost?

Inline Manual contextual widget helps the users to always find relevant information to where they are. You can now see where do they request the help, allowing you to identify which pages might be confusing/where are users getting lost.

Top played and not completed topics

Get full overview of which topics are performing well and which not.

Drop off funnels

Detailed topic view allows you to see also drop off funnel. This chart helps you to identify how many people did the previous step and continued to the next step and how many of them dropped off. If people are dropping off, it does not have to be a bad sign, maybe you gave them enough information in the first 3 steps. This allows you to find out what is happening with topics and optimize them.

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