Blog: User onboarding at Vincere - recruitment at a global scale

User onboarding at Vincere - recruitment at a global scale

Marek Sotak
Customer case study

We contacted Annabella Poon, Marketing Manager at Vincere to tell us more about how Inline Manual fits into their mission.

Vincere is a Cloud-based recruitment platform specially designed for recruitment companies of all sizes. More than just a database of records, Vincere’s intelligent pipeline-based CRM/ATS gives recruiters a heads-up display of all activities happening at every stage of the recruitment pipeline to help them manage the end-to-end recruitment process - from getting jobs all the way to shortlisting, interviewing, placements and ultimately, getting paid.

Though Vincere is loved for its intuitive and easy-to-use software, the software boasts many other features and configurability options under its hood. Its SaaS-based model also means that product updates are released on a regular basis. Hence they needed an effective way to train existing users on newly added features as well as onboard trial users on the depth of their system. Their users required “on-demand training to suit their learning pace.” Their user base is global, and this means that support had to accommodate for various timezones and languages around the world.

Annabella and her team started with a free trial of Inline Manual, and determined that the pricing and responsive support made this the best choice for them. “Inline Manual provided maximum control with its fast, out-of-the-box authoring tool for marketing team to create, test and push tutorials live with little to zero help from dev team,” she said.

This mirrors the experience of many of our clients, where marketing teams were having to wait for IT/dev support to implement the wizards built into applications. When the numbers of tutorials increase, or when they need targeted tutorials, these companies come to Inline Manual looking for a way to make this process independent of product development timelines. One of the most common questions, particularly from marketing teams is: How much control will I have?

Annabella said that they liked that “Inline Manual is very much a self-service tool but there is support when you need it most.” That’s reassuring.

They chose Inline Manual to create tutorials and walkthroughs which would allow them to train and onboard new users. By creating step-by-step walkthroughs they are able to “enable users to follow and get a quick feel of how things work,” Annabella said. The good news is, they can see the benefit, “We get lesser support tickets to handle and this frees up time to work on other things that will deliver value.” That’s great to hear!

We love that Inline Manual can work great out of the box, but it’s inspiring to see how our clients extend and integrate it. One thing we really liked was how Vincere uses progression tracking to encourage users to complete the onboarding and training. We checked with their Chief Technology Officer, Nigel Gardiner, to ask how they extended Inline Manual. He told us: “The progression tracking was very easy for us to add to Vincere, we simply needed to supply a unique identifier for each user in an API call to Inline Manual, and Inline Manual took care of the rest!”

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