Blog: Introducing Two-Factor Authentication and Improved Team Overview

Introducing Two-Factor Authentication and Improved Team Overview

Marek Sotak
New release

We are excited to announce that we have introduced a new security feature on our platform - two-factor authentication (2FA). This feature adds an extra layer of security to your accounts and helps prevent unauthorized access, even if your password has been compromised.

Enabling 2FA is simple; navigate to your account settings and follow the prompts to set it up. And for organization accounts, you can see which team members have enabled 2FA by checking the "Members" section.

We recommend using an authenticator app for your 2FA process. These apps generate a one-time password valid for a limited time and can only be used once. A popular example is Google Authenticator, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Keeping your 2FA backup codes secure is important if you lose access to your primary 2FA method. You can store them securely by keeping them separate from other login information, using a password manager, or writing them down and storing them safely.

Overall, enabling 2FA is a crucial step that you can take to help protect your account and the sensitive information that you store on our platform.

We are committed to providing a secure and safe environment for all our users and will continue introducing new features and improvements to achieve this goal.