Blog: Inline Manual named to Constellation Shortlist

Inline Manual named to Constellation Shortlist

Marek Sotak
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We’re excited to announce that on 22nd of August 2018 Inline Manual has been again featured on Constellation ShortListTM for Digital Adoption Platforms in Q3 2018.

Inline Manual helps small, medium and enterprise businesses to provide onboarding guides, employee training and in-app support anytime and anywhere. With Inline Manual, you can deliver seamless, context aware, intelligent, and personalised experience for your users.

The seven shortlisted Digital Adoption Platforms help companies guide and train their users right within their application to accelerate successful adoption of applications and websites. Use the shortlist to narrow your search for the Digital Adoption Platform you need at your organization.

All companies featured in the Constellation ShortList for Digital Adoption Platforms meet the threshold criteria for this category based on Constellation Research. The list was compiled through client inquiries, conversations with partners, customer references, briefings with vendors, internal analysis and research. Key criteria for being chosen included option to deliver strong personalized and contextual experience, deep analytics tools, desktop and mobile support, and rich collaboration and customization features, among others.

Visit the Constellation ShortList for Digital Adoption Platforms to learn more.

“There has never been a better time to be identified as a strong provider with regards to product adoption and improving users’ confidence and competence within any online product. The amount of products being used within Enterprises is increasing and unfortunately learning any software is not like riding a bike,” said Marek Sotak, CEO and Founder of Inline Manual. “Our focus, dedication and customer-centric approach allowed us to build an easy to use platform. We are enabling our customers to build an outstanding product experience to help increase adoption, reduce customer support costs and make any change management success.”

Inline Manual allows companies to provide in-app support and training more efficiently, significantly reduce costs and save time. While a support agent can help only one client at a time, in-app self-service materials can be used by hundreds of customers at the same time. What’s more, by adding Inline Manual to your application, you can automatically reach out to your users. This helps to increase customer engagement, which increases customer satisfaction. Happy customers will stay with you longer. This way, you can optimize the conversion rates and reduce the churn.

About Inline Manual

We created Inline Manual in 2012. Our team members have backgrounds in customer service, employee training, and app development. As a Digital Adoption Platform, our mission is to keep our customers ahead of the competition by reducing the time it takes for their users to reach success. We empower customer-facing teams to improve in-app communication without getting in the way of product development. We’re trusted by Enterprises, SaaS businesses and SMBs all around the world including the world’s leading and most progressive brands across multiple industries including finance, media and entertainment, education and more.

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