Blog: New! Segment your users and auto-launch targeted in-app help

New! Segment your users and auto-launch targeted in-app help

Marek Sotak
New release

We have been working hard on our biggest release yet. Bringing you better way how to engage with your customers, how to make your product more successful and how to keep your support team small.


This is a powerful addition. Create specific segments out of your users, based on the data you are sending to us

  • Use segmentation in Automation > Target specific users and launch a Topic for them
  • Filter out Topics from within the widget > Show specific Topics lets say only for Administrators segments (users who have Administrator role within your application).

Segmentation can be accessed via Segmentation tab under each Site. There you can easily create new segment or editing existing one (yes, you can edit the New user segment too) Under people tab you will be able to see the segments too, so you can filter out your users when looking at them.

Tip for higher engagement: If users are not using specific feature of your application, add them in your application to a group (send us this info via metadata), then target this group via a rule (create new segment at Inline Manual). When they log in next time, launch a tutorial for them, to let them know about that feature they are not using. Show them how it works. Maybe they are not just aware of it?

Build and launch Topics that are really relevant for your users.


The segments allow you to target specific segment of users, but we also added two more advanced filters.

Advanced activation rules


  • if you are using multilingual player, you can also launch specific Topics based on the language

URL match

  • make the Topic start on a specific path only. You can create a list of Topics that will be launched one by one when the rule applies, this way you can show the user Topic everytime they visit some section for which they have not seen the Topic yet.

New player style

The Sidebar player spans from Top to Bottom and can be positioned to the left or right. We have a lot of further plans improving this player with additional features.

Search within the Inline Manual widget

Many of you start building Topics and then realize there are too many of them for the user to comprehend, you would then start using context to filter certain Topics and then you will find out there are again too many topics for the user.

We have added a search field on top of the list, so the user can search for the Topic title. If it is not enabled for you, go to Sites > Site > Player settings > Search box.

JavaScript API

Method - GetProfile()

Introduced new method GetProfile, which allows you to get current user profile (metadata). Especially useful when your Application is Single Page Application.

Callback - onProfileLoad

React to an event when the user profile has been loaded from our server. The profile includes which Topics the user has seen, so you can further work with it safely.


We grew a bit and have a new member, Jan. He is going to be part of the customer support team, providing you with the best service out there. I am sure you will meet him in one of the support tickets soon and also you will be able to see his work on our new Support portal that we are preparing.