Blog: New release - Better interactivity, integrations and targeting

New release - Better interactivity, integrations and targeting

Marek Sotak
New release

We’re so excited to share this much-anticipated release with you. With new integrations and flexible customization options, you will have more insight into and control over your content. This release includes something for everyone.

  • Custom Step Templates for consistent branding across your content.
  • Persistent Steps to continue a walkthrough while users explore.
  • Device targeting to send messages users on mobile or desktop separately with autolaunchers.
  • Use regex (regular expressions) to target your autolaunchers to the right users.
  • Send data about your users to Third Party Analytics [beta].
  • Article Topic Type can be translated now.

And we’re also introducing a new way to give you access to upcoming releases with a Gradual Rollout.

Check out the release notes for more details.

Here are some highlights.

Introducing Gradual Rollout

Customers choose Inline Manual because of the flexibility and control. This means you’re building dynamic walkthroughs and creating some brilliant integrations. We carefully test each release, and we know you want to test it too. If you have advanced customizations, enable the Beta version on your staging site before rolling it out to production.

You have a two week period to switch to the new player version on your sites. At the end of two weeks, the player will go live for everyone, across all sites. If you do find problems, contact our support team.

Sign up to our Developer Mailing List to get updates.

Beta version option

More ways to auto-launch walkthroughs such as for mobile or desktop users

Use the new Advanced Activation Rules for Autolaunchers to control who sees your walkthroughs and when.

  • Target specific devices and launch a walkthrough weather a user is on desktop or mobile.
  • Use regular expressions (regex) to match URLs, and autolaunch interactive walkthroughs when users are in specific parts of your site or application.

Track user interaction with Third Party Analytics

Standard Plan and Enterprise users can now track when users complete tutorials or reach specific steps in Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or Segments. These new player integrations send event information to your third party analytics services.

Find out how to set it up and start sending your data to an analytics service.

We’d love your feedback about this new feature. We've built a solid framework to easily add any one way integrations, so more will come soon. Give us a shout and tell us what you would like to see!


Consistent branding with Custom Step Templates

When you create in-app walkthroughs they should look and feel like part of your application. Now it’s easier to get consistent branding by using our newly released feature: Custom Step Templates.

Custom step templates

Up until recently we provided a default Step Templates which allowed authors to choose a design as a starting point. To use the default templates, you would select which template you want to start with, and then edit the content or the HTML.

Now create your own Custom Step Templates which your content creators can use as starting points. This will help your teams deliver content with consistent graphics and copy.

Our customers already get full branding control through the design tools and custom CSS. And now with Custom Step Templates, they can get consistent branding no matter who is authoring the content.

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