Blog: Big news! We're officially live!

Big news! We're officially live!

Marek Sotak
Company news

Two years in development, 500+ users testing, many end-users happy, many hours cut on support!

It was an amazing journey these two years, but we know that we are not done yet and this is just a beginning.

Just to name few major improvements:


  • handling of AJAX events,
  • click through follow user,
  • delayed popovers,
  • path display triggers,
  • controls display management


  • bulletproof popover position detection
  • UI improvements


  • better topics assignment page
  • API documentation
  • performance improvements

Huge thank you to you all who supported us throughout the entire process and helped us to perfect our solution. As a gift, you will enjoy another one month of free usage. Thank you again!

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