Thu Apr 24 2014, Marek Sotak

Introducing new triggers - react to user actions in your app

With todays release we are introducing four new interactions with which you can push your tutorials to the next level. It is like sitting next to your client.

New triggers

  • — Type - advance to next step when user starts typing (eg. in a form)
  • — Hover - advance to next step when user hovers over an element
  • — Focus - advance to next step when user clicks into an input field of a form
  • — Blur - advance to next step when user leaves an input field

These new triggers work well together with step delay, where you can postpone the display of the next step. Altogether with Click and Next triggers you can follow your users as they are really interacting with your application. It is almost like sitting next to them.

Authoring tool gets a live preview

Additionally the authoring tool allows you to live preview your tutorial. It embeds the player into the site you are creating, so it is exactly like the end result.

New plan for agencies and theirs clients

We are introducing a “Handover plan”. This plan is suitable for everyone who are on a Standard plan and are creating a documentation for theirs clients site. It is now possible to move a site under clients account, where the client can manage it, be billed, etc… for $100/year (billed annually).

The more we work on improving InlineManual, the more we are excited about how it helps your users to be more efficient, how it gets you out of a trouble and how it allows you to have more time for other things than taking screenshots or answering support phones. Thank you for being with us and trusting us!

Also do check out our upcoming webinar to learn more about InlineManual.

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