Blog: Growing customer success

Growing customer success

Marek Sotak
Company news

In the past two years, Inline Manual has undergone big changes, and we’ve grown with you, our customers. This growth has meant responding to your needs with an expanded support system in place.

Big changes

Previously, you could only launch static click-by-click walkthroughs with our authoring tool. Now with Inline Manual, you can launch a range of content dynamically based on segmentation, provide detailed help in context, and you can carefully ensure the quality of your content with version control.

We’ve learned from you as you’ve extended how you use Inline Manual. You’re taking what you learned with new user onboarding, and you’re applying that to your wider customer base. Your messages and needs are different, and that is where our Segmentation and Analytics help.

As the quality of your content is improving, the positive results you’re getting are more wide-reaching. Like our customers experiment and report back to us, we, in turn, develop the product to meet your needs. Meeting those needs means also providing expanded support and help.

Support coverage extended

Everyone who uses Inline Manual gets help and support. We’ve grown the support team to include four people now. Our bigger team has allowed us to extend coverage from 8 to 14 hours a day. Soon we’ll be extending to 24 hours a day coverage by growing the team.

Expanded guides and resources

We’ve been growing our knowledge base, which we implemented in January of this year. We’ll be improving our guides with your feedback which has been very helpful to us.

User Experience Improvements

We’ve improved the tools and user experience based on feedback. Our aim is to help you be as self-sufficient as possible.

Professional services

We also started providing consulting and development to help clients create walk-throughs and implement designs.

Getting started webinars

We’ve added bi-weekly live demos to help you get started with using Inline Manual. You can register for those here on our blog.

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