Blog: Enhanced export for better static documentation and testing

Enhanced export for better static documentation and testing

Marek Sotak
New release

Keeping your knowledge base up to date might be a tremendous task. And outdated documentation is worse than no documentation. With our latest release we are extending features of export and testing functionality, where you can enter real values and simulate the users behaviour.

Whilst export and testing features are still in Beta, we continue extending them to fit all your needs. You can now use real values, like as the user would have been filling them in, and test it against your web application or create screenshots having the value within the fields.

Authoring tool has been extended to allow you to add three more specific values, such as testing path - where the step should be, in case there is a dynamic content, testing element - if the element is an input, select, etc... And lastly test value, which allows you to prefill the value of the input field, select box, and so on.

This allows you to let our system create content on your behalf, while running export utility or testing, so it won't hang up on missing values in the content.

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