Blog: Easy and improved translations management

Easy and improved translations management

Marek Sotak
New release

Easily manage multiple languages and translate each step within a walkthrough. No need to create clones anymore. Seamlessly integrates with our Automation, Release management and Revisions.

Language management for each step

The topics can be translated to multiple languages. Each Topic has its own set of languages, which allows you to translate just the content of the step (title and content). The step translation use the same settings for the step - e.g. backdrop, element assignment, etc...

This makes it significantly easier to manage for Authors, but also if you are using our API for automated translations.

Introducing Labs

The underlying changes to our infrastructure and API allows us to push forward integrations that we have started working on. The Labs portal will introduce features that we are experimenting with before they will make it into production. It currently allows you to export the content into HTML > PDF, import knowledge base from services like Freshdesk, Zendesk,... and automatically translate the content via 3rd party services. The labs are available on request to our Standard and Enterprise customers. Request an access here.

As always, get in touch if you will need any help.