Thu Mar 31 2016, Marek Sotak

Use in-app knowledge base article for faster self-help

Inline help is proving to be more and more useful to the users of any application. They don’t need to navigate away to get help, but they can follow it whilst using the application. Add your knowledge base articles and its content into the Inline Manual widget with our new Article Topic type!

Article Topic type

Create a Topic type Article, which will look just like the other Topics in the widget. Except once the user clicks on it, it will show the content of the article. No need to click away from the page to visit separate knowledge base portal.

The Article Topic will display alongside the other Topics, so you can also use the Context matching feature which allows you to display specific Articles on specific pages, to make sure users get relevant help where needed.

This is just the beginning of how we want to make Inline Help really work for your users. You can already leverage the possibility of embedding iframes into the content to show external pages if needed. We gathered a lot of feedback from our first users of this feature and we will continue to add interactivity that Inline Manual walkthroughs have for example and even more, including various integrations. In the meanwhile, we are also migrating our own support into inline articles.

To create an Article Topic type, open up your Authoring tool and when creating a Topic select Article. You will be then able to add content to it. See article help page

Let us know in the comments what would you like to embed into the widget or how are you using it already.

Launchers added to walkthrough steps

Similar to Tooltips, we have added the option to add Launchers to individual steps. When clicked it will start the walkthrough from a specific step that the launcher belongs to. Read about launchers

Support portal

We are in the last stage of content publishing on our new help portal that you can start using now, we will be adding receipts and more content

As always, get in touch if you will need any help.

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