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We make 3rd party apps internal adoption smooth

Do more with Inline Manual solution for employees training. Make Workday, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce and others easy to use with our complete toolset for user onboarding, staff training, in-app messaging and self-help support. Your team will thank you for this.

If you want to grow your business with other solutions, you need to correctly implement the software in your organization. Let’s be honest, introducing a new tool into the organization can be overwhelming. Training and onboarding employees who interact with the system is a must. Yes, setting everything up can be difficult, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on teaching your employees on how to use the system. Inline Manual can help you with this. Launch automatically interactive walkthroughs when users log-in in, place tooltips in known trouble spots and fill-in the widget with helpful articles. Expand your employees' knowledge with on-demand assistance. Your employees will learn at their own pace to become confident and independent users.

Platforms we support

  • Workday
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • SuccessFactors
  • Dynamics 365
  • Zoho
  • Tableau
  • JIRA
  • Any app

Why Inline Manual?

Accelerate training success contextual guidance

Create context-sensitive interactive multi-step guides, smart tooltips, and support articles for smooth and fast onboarding. Take users by hand through every step of the process to help them get the most out of any solution. With Inline Manual, your staff will master any solution quickly.

Promote self-help culture

The top question your users are asking, that you might not be aware of is “where can I find the help for what is in front of me?”. With Inline Manual help widget, your team can access training materials whenever they need to without leaving the application. Bring training directly to your employees so they can become self-sufficient. It’s simple, yet highly effective.

Reduce training costs

Let’s be honest, corporate face-to-face training is expensive. Reduce training costs by choosing a flexible, online training solution with wallet-friendly pricing.

How it works

Create without code

Create responsive, multi-step walkthroughs, tooltips, help articles and much more without the help of your IT team! We know they don’t have time for this. That’s why we designed Inline Manual to work out of the box without a code.

Target and tailor

Optimize your onboarding guides with our superior segmentation and automation features. Show only relevant walkthroughs when your employees are most likely to find it useful. With Inline Manual, you can put all your training materials in context for the truly convenient experience.

Gather feedback and meassure results

Use our simple feedback form to find out what your employees think before they move on. Analyze walkthroughs statistics, shed light on drop-off funnels and find out how you can improve your onboarding to meet your team’s needs.

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