We are hiring!

Join our team! The Inline Manual team is a small and growing team with 7 people across 4 countries, so you will enjoy working from your favorite cafe, while enjoying cup cake and drink hot beverage of your likings - or any other space where you have internet connection really. And while the internet is working 24/7 like our service, we don't really mind what times you are working if the job is done, we are sure we can always figure out the best way to enjoy work and life.

JavaScript developers

What we do
  • Script that our clients insert into their website. Something like tracking code of Google Analytics. But much more complex. It adds some UI that interacts with the content of the site.
  • We support modern browsers and IE9+. Our clients use various frameworks, so our script must work in all these environments. This is why we don’t use any frameworks. Just plain vanilla Javascript.
  • Codebase is written in ES6 modules (and some leftover Coffeescript, but we are phasing it out). We use Babel and Webpack to put it all together.
Your profile
  • You know what bullet points above are about.
  • You speak English. If you can read this, you’re fine.
What we offer
  • Learn new things from one of the best
  • Competitive salary
  • Work from anywhere or Prague 8 - Bubenska 1
  • Flexible working time
  • One product/SaaS
  • Great team
  • A supportive, trusting and open work environment

Send your CV, GitHub account, or anything you think will help us to find out more about you and we will get in touch with you shortly: team@inlinemanual.com