Getting started with Inline Manual

Inline Manual for better support and user onboarding

Inline Manual allows you to create user onboarding walkthroughs, self-help support and product announcements right within your web application without coding. Inline Manual helps you make your users more engaged with your product to achieve your goals.

Use Inline Manual to:

  • Create step-by-step interactive walkthroughs
  • Create help tooltips
  • Announce new features
  • Target specific user segments
  • Analyze how are walkthroughs being used through analytics
  • and much more

Install Authoring tool

An Authoring tool is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to create and edit content.

Don't have Chrome? Get Chrome browser

Click here to install Authoring tool

Why does it require "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit" permission?

When you install and then enable the Authoring tool on a specific website, it will inject scripts on top of it. Without the permission, the Authoring tool won't be able to add code into the currently viewed website.

  • The Authoring tool does not inject/alter ANY CODE PERMANENTLY into any site, it is only within the browser, your users won't be affected.
  • The Authoring tool does not send ANY DATA about your browsing history or any other data, except data related to Inline Manual content.

The Authoring tool is being used and is trusted by over 2000 users. It has been reviewed many times in terms what data it is sending. Any questions before installation, please do ask.

Create Site

A Site is your project/product, for which you will be creating content. Under the Site you will be able to associate the content with it, manage releases, see analytics and automatically launch walkthroughs for your users.

Open the authoring tool and click the menu to create a Site.

Create Topic

A Topic can be a step-by-step walkthrough, set of tooltips or a redirect to another page.

Within the Authoring tool, click on the menu, whilst in the Site (this will assign the newly created Topic to the Site too), and click on Create Topic.


Embedding player into your site is easy. You will need to include Inline Manual player on every page within your application to make it work correctly. Your end-users won't need to install anything.

Here, on Inline Manual portal, visit your Site via Sites > Pick your Site and then within the Site navigate to the Settings tab. In the right column click on Player installation.

If you will want to include also People tracking (so you can target specific users), visit the People tab.

Tips and resources

Support portal

Visit our support portal at, we are just rebuilding the support portal and the new help portal is coming soon.

If you need any help with your onboarding or support, we provide professional services. Get in touch with us at

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