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Convert more customers by using in-app promotions. Don’t just spam their inbox.

Everyone is trying to convert as many users into customers, achieve higher ASP and LTV, achieve higher upsells and reduce churn. Inline Manual allows you to reach your product users at the right moment with the right message. Running a promotion? Offering help? Adding a goal to each subscription? No problem - we’ll let your customers know!
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Complement email promotions with in-app offers

Email promotions often get lost in spam folders, promotion tabs or between all of the other emails. Now you can run promotions directly in your application, notifying the users right when they are actively using it.

Hello, StephenOK


You can customize the promotion as you need. Use images, videos, address the user directly with their name. Send them wherever you want with custom buttons.



Use modals on top of your application to get the attention of the users and achieve better results.

Talk to them when they are most likely to convert

Not every user has the permissions to purchase your product. Not every user is the decision maker. They will more likely convert once they really try the app. Talk to the right people when they are ready to make the decision.

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Create segments of users who might have the decision and purchasing power and prepare the right messaging for them.

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Target these segments in moments you identify as most likely to drive the conversions and results.

Analyze, optimize, drive impact

Learn what worked, what didn't and iterate. Get the most out of your in-app marketing efforts thanks to analytics.


Use analytics to see how the promotions performed, how users interacted with it and iterate based on the results.

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Version management

Did the previous version work better? No problem, you can return to it with our version management system.

3-minute implementation

To implement Inline Manual, you just need to copy and paste a code snippet into your application and you are all set up!

Part of your app experience

Inline Manual becomes part of your application experience meaning your users will never need to install additional plugins or leave your application.

Fast and simple changes

Need to change the flows? No problem - you don’t have to bother your developers ever again and you can change the flows yourself.

Interactive In-app guidance

With Inline Manual you can guide your users to learn, complete actions or perform certain steps.


Use modals for announcements, to run promotions, drive conversions and upsells or simply to welcome your users.


Catch the attention of your users to introduce new features or drive the adoption of existing ones.


Guide the users through your application to get them to desired goals faster. Allow the to learn by doing.

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