Blog: Improve Walkthrough Clarity with Inline Manual's Step Pointer Options

Improve Walkthrough Clarity with Inline Manual's Step Pointer Options

Marek Sotak
New release

Inline Manual is excited to introduce a new feature that enhances the visibility of our Walkthroughs' step display. Now, customers can set a different type of pointer to the step - line and none - to better emphasize where the step points.

Our Walkthroughs are designed to guide users through complex software and systems easily. In addition, the Step Display Pointer is an enhancement that makes the process smoother.

The pointer can be customized to display a classic arrow-like shape that points from the step to the element or a line with plugs at the start and end, and can be dashed. Customers can also select the "None" option, which hides the pointer altogether.

One of the major benefits of the Step Display Pointer is improved visibility. With different pointer options, customers can choose the best type to fit their use case. The line option, for example, can help visually connect the step to the element, while the arrow can provide a more straightforward indication of where to go next.

Additionally, the flexibility of the Step Display Pointer is another benefit that sets Inline Manual apart. Our customers can change the font and colours of the Walkthrough with just a few clicks, and for more advanced customization, they can use CSS code. With the Player appearance settings, customers can see a live preview of their changes, so they can ensure everything looks just right before publishing.

At Inline Manual, we're committed to providing customers with the best tools to create effective Walkthroughs. The Step Display Pointer is one of the many ways we're working to improve the user experience.

Ready to try out the new Step Display Pointer feature for yourself? Log in to your Inline Manual account and give it a go today!