Blog: New feature - Export to HTML - screenshots included

New feature - Export to HTML - screenshots included

Marek Sotak
New release

We made a promise to make creation of documentation for web apps as easy as possible. Enjoy the export option to HTML which you can then print, export to PDF or publish online, packed together with automatically created screenshots.

With a single click, you can let our system to visit your site, just as any other user would do, take screenshots of steps elements and then create an HTML document for you to download. This document you can then style, print, or export to PDF and hand-over to your client as part of project deliverables. You can as well take the HTML and publish it on your website, so it can be indexed by google and more people will be then able to find your documentation.

And what if you update your application? You just re-run the HTML export and it will create screenshots for you again with updated design! Simple as that.

Available to all paid plans.

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