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Looking for an alternative to Whatfix?

You’re in the right place. Experience the flexibility and control you get with Inline Manual for user onboarding, in-app support, and staff training.

Are you looking for a comprehensive, software adoption tool that your non-tech savvy team can easily work with? Do you need various types of content such as in-app help widget, articles, walkthroughs, tooltips, checklist just to start with? Along with advanced branching options, segmentation, automation and an option to fully customize the look? It would be great if you could create feedback and NPS surveys too, right?

Let me guess, you already tried out different product adoption tools, and one of them was Whatfix. Perhaps your journey with them begun well - but now you want to see what are the alternatives. We have to admit - we are fans of some of Whatfix features ourselves: the ability to export walkthroughs to video, SCORM or PDF formats or the e-mail us integration is really neat. However, Whatfix has some limitations that Inline Manual doesn't.

Inline Manual helps every day millions of users around the world with onboarding, training, support, and software adoption. It’s used and loved by small and big companies as it helps to get users up to speed in no time, and is available for any web-based product.

Your users will spend less time looking for help and switching between apps, and more time on truly using your product.

With our advanced editor, you can make interactive product flows in addition to support articles, in-app help, redirects, feedback and NPS surveys without engaging your IT guys. You can fully customize the look of this all. We built Inline Manual with flexibility in mind.

Interested? Let us provide you with 6 reasons why you should choose Inline Manual. Then decide yourself. And if you have questions, we're here for you - simply get in touch!

6 reasons why Inline Manual is the best Whatfix alternative

Affordable pricing

Inline Manual provides fair and flexible pricing with no hidden fees. It’ll scale in a predictable way along with your services. Customers often tell us they’re surprised by our pricing. We’re in a lower price bracket than most of our competitors, and yet we're able to provide an excellent service, superior in many ways. On our pricing page, we give you an overview of our product features, so you know what to expect from our services. We offer 14-days trial with no strings attached. No credit card is required, and you’ll get a fully functional working account that allows you to create an unlimited amount of walkthroughs, target users and set up everything, just like with a paid account. Request a demo and see yourself how Inline Manual can be less expensive, and yet cover all your needs.

Powerful features to streamline user journey

You can easily create a tailored and context-aware experience to guide your users. We offer a bunch of powerful features to meet the needs of your most comprehensive scenarios. With triggers, you can react to user activity and bring them to the next step in reaching their goals. It’s the most important component that advances a user’s progress through your walkthrough. You can respond to actions such as a click, a refresh, a change or a hover on assigned elements. With actions, you can fully cover more complex situations, such as skipping a step based on an element’s visibility, clicking on a chosen element on behalf of the user, and even filling-in an assigned field! You can streamline the user journey and prepare content for them on the fly. Or maybe you struggle with users not filling in the text fields you want them to? We have that covered too. With the validation feature, you can make sure that a text field is filled (or empty) before the user proceeds to the next step. And you can fully automate who sees what messages and when! In a few simple steps, you can schedule an automated message and define the audience. It’s simple!


At Inline Manual, the multilingual feature is open to each of our customers. We don’t like limitations, and that’s the reason why we provide a flexible translation workflow, so you can support a global audience 24/7. Yes, Inline Manual supports all languages, including RTL ones, so you can help your users all over the world. The translation with Whatfix is not that easy though - you cannot translate texts in the editor, and exportable files are quite difficult to work with. Inline Manual supports both translation workflows to make your life easier, not harder. You can easily do translation in the editor or use export/import feature for that. Your choice! And if you want to have the same content in multiple different languages, you don't need to clone it and make 5 different versions. We know how hard that would be to maintain.

Flexible and advanced publishing workflow

Flexible publishing workflow - our version control system and multi-site support let you test in a staging environment before you go live with your next, great update. We learned that often updates mean that the steps to complete a task change and sometimes even the elements you’re asking people to click on disappear completely. You need a way to update your walkthroughs and prepare them for your next release. And you need to do this without disrupting your current site. With our version control tools you can safely develop and test on your staging environment and push to production when you're ready to go live. For teams that are building their own software, having rigorous testing and QA is a natural and important part of the process. You can test, rollout, and revert changes in our easy-to-use version control system to make sure your content is properly tested and QA approved. We know how important it is.

NPS and feedback surveys

Gathering users feedback is necessary to improve customer experience and provide value. But getting reliable user feedback is hard. Click rates on emails are already low, and when users get to the feedback survey the response rates are even lower. With Inline Manual, you can launch your feedback or NPS survey when your users are most likely to complete it - right within your application. It’s the most effective way to gather high-quality feedback. Sending the survey with Inline Manual takes just a few steps. The survey is flexible and can be launched in multiple ways. All the data is tracked and logged within the portal, so you can access it any time you need. Be smart, choose a tool that has it all - measure customer loyalty, collect comprehensive feedback and engage with your users. It makes all the difference.

More freedom and flexibility

Branding consistency is critical to our customers as it truly helps with building brand recognition. In many cases, the customization is a key factor in choosing an onboarding tool. We totally agree, whether you’re building a walkthrough, a new feature announcement, a list of articles or a feedback form, it should look and feel like part of your own application. Our tool is completely adaptable when it comes to making it look exactly as you wish. You can alter the style via a point-and-click editor and custom CSS in all of our plans. When Whatfix customers come to us, they are amazed by the level of control and customization they can reach with our tool. Whatfix offers basic customization and lacks some in-depth styling options. Even a small font type change requires a CSS code. Avoid choosing a product with limitations that will be impossible for you to overcome.