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Looking for a WalkMe alternative?

Use Inline Manual to support, onboard, teach and activate your users.

You are probably already familiar with WalkMe. You loved the tooltips and walkthroughs, the WYSIWYG authoring tool, and the multilingual options. You love that you can do this all without the help of your developer. But then the WalkMe sales team gave you the quote. Now, you’re looking for WalkMe alternatives.

Trying to decide between Inline Manual and WalkMe? Read this first.

Best quality at an affordable price

Let’s be honest WalkMe is expensive. You may get sticker shock when you hear WalkMe pricing starts in a range of $10-50,000 USD per year. In enterprise sales, these prices are normal. Difficulties in enterprise procurement alone are known to drive up the costs of software. WalkMe delivers mainly to companies with really long sales cycles, which means deal complexity, and more people involved. Inline Manual is less expensive than most user onboarding software out there. We know that’s why people come to check us out initially. Our customers tell us this all the time. Once they see what they can do with our tools - they tell us they’re “surprised!”. On our pricing page, we give you a detailed list of our product features, so you know what you’re paying for when purchasing our services. We value transparency. If you are looking for the best quality, but you also want to be smart with your money, Inline Manual is the perfect choice for you. Our tool is wallet-friendly.

Flexible publishing workflow

Our version control system and multi-site support let you test in a staging environment before you go live with your next, great update. For teams that are building their own software, having rigorous testing and QA is a natural and important part of the process. You can test, rollout, and revert changes in our easy-to-use version control system to make sure your content is properly tested and QA approved. Often, WalkMe clients are using a live system only so they might not need version control. However, when they do need version control, they come to us.


We provide a flexible translation workflow so that you can support a global audience 24x7. Yes, Inline Manual supports all languages, including RTL languages, so you can help your users all over the world. You can easily do translation in an editor or use export/import feature. Here you can see what content translation and multilingual support looks like. (video from the current article?)

Target and Tailor

You can easily create tailored, personalized onboarding experiences to welcome new customers. With Inline Manual you can fully automate who sees what messages. To define groups of users, you can choose attributes such as their user role, or behaviours such as how recently they created their account. Advanced analytics will come in handy whenever you want to shed light on drop-off funnels and find out where your users need help.

Creative control

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, "how much control will I have with Inline Manual comparing to WalkMe?". Our tool is very flexible when it comes to making it look exactly like as you wish. Our customers tell us they are amazed by the level of control and customization they can reach. In Inline Manual everything from the look and feel to the timing and interactive responses can be changed to suit your needs. Most options are just a click away!

Find out why Inline Manual is the best alternative to WalkMe

We offer a breadth of functionality and flexibility that our customers rely on. It saves them time, and money so they don’t need multiple applications for user onboarding, in-app help, and messaging. As you will see in a table below, we offer a similar solution to WalkMe, but at an affordable price. WalkMe aims at enterprise customers, whereas Inline Manual aims to understand and address needs of all types of businesses: SaaS, SMEs and Large Enterprises.

We prepared a side-by-side comparison of Inline Manual versus WalkMe features. Check the differences between the services listed below, or download this worksheet.


 Inline ManualWalkme
People trackingYes
No brandingYesYes


Feedback formsYes


In-app helpYesYes


All languagesYesYes
Right to left supportYesYes
Translate in editorYesYes


Version Control SystemYes
Release managementYes
Export to HTMLYes
Organization accountYesYes


Custom CSSYesYes
Step TemplatesYesYes


3rd Party IntegrationsYesYes
iFrames SupportYesYes
Standalone PlayerYes

Customer support

Knowledge baseYesYes
Online supportYesYes
Screenshare supportYesYes
Dedicated Success ManagerYesYes
Priority SupportYes

Now that you've compared features of both tools, you can pick out the differences that matter to you.

Need HTML export? This isn’t something we currently support, but we’re working on it though. We find out users prefer to learn-while-doing. So, we emphasize contextually reinforced learning. Make your content respond to where users are in the application, who they are, and what they are trying to accomplish.

Need version control? WalkMe doesn’t let you use version control content for rigorous testing. We do. Is that a deal breaker?

The decision you need to make is which of those features are the most important to you. Create a free trial and find out today. You can try out Inline Manual for 14 days with no obligations, and no strings attached. Contact us with your ideas and questions. We’re more than happy to help.

Save money with Inline Manual - a pricing comparison

It’s likely you already see that Inline Manual is a better deal than WalkMe. Yes, WalkMe is an amazing tool, but it is also amazingly expensive.

WalkMe pricing starts in a range of $10-50,000 USD per year, whereas Inline Manual plans start at 59$ per month (708$ per year).

Our app will meet all your requirements without emptying your wallet. You will get all the features you need at a great quality/price rate.

Yes, we get it, people usually associate a higher quality with a higher price tag. If you see a lower price, you probably want to know why. What’s the trade off? On our pricing page, we give you a detailed list of our product features, so you know what you’re paying for when purchasing our services.

We packed Inline Manual with most relevant features that will meet requirements of all types of business: SaaS, SMEs and Large Enterprises. Yes, across all the plans. We provide transparent, fair and flexible pricing with no hidden fees. It will scale in a predictable way along with your services. Decision makers do often tell us they’re surprised by our pricing. We’re in a lower price bracket than most of our competitors.

Before making a decision, remember that the software you’re choosing isn’t only a set of features. You’re also building a relationship with a vendor. Our customers’ feedback means a lot to us. Feedback comes directly from our customer support and successful teams, right into our product development. As an agile, customer-focused company we are able to respond much more rapidly than more monolithic organizations. We’re constantly evolving as the market changes, responding to what needs you’re discovering.

Companies such as Freshdesk, Pipedrive, Bigcommerce and Unicef love, use and support our tool. We believe you should give it a go too.