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Need an alternative to Appcues? Compare it to Inline Manual

Looking at Appcues competitors? Inline Manual is a comprehensive platform for user engagement. We’ve learned that many customer-facing teams want to improve in-app user engagement without getting in the way of product development. And they want to do it all without code.

You can create interactive product flows with Inline Manual in addition to in-app help, training and tutorials. Why does this matter? Because we know from our customers that once they begin using Inline Manual in one area, such as user onboarding, they realize they can use it in other areas, like staff training. We offer a breadth of functionality and flexibility that our customers rely on. It saves them time and money so they don’t need multiple applications for user onboarding, in-app help, and messaging.

Creative control

There’s a learning curve for learning any application, but once you have Inline Manual in your toolbox, you can do much more. Avoid choosing a product with limitations that are impossible to configure your way out of.

Inline Manual puts you in control of how users move through your application. It gives you total control over the design, look, and feel.

Creative control

Responsive high - touch support

Low-touch service often leaves users scratching their heads. Some services offer a slick out of the box experience yet once users want to customize the platform, they run aground. Higher-touch support is reserved for the higher paying customers.

On the other hand, everyone who uses Inline Manual gets help from a human. If you’re ever stuck for ideas or need help, our customers find our support experience more responsive and faster.

Responsive high-touch support

What you can do with Inline Manual